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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 SIPL-Summer Training Application Form</p><p> 1/4</p><p>4/285 2nd Floor Vivek Khand (Opp.Petrol Pump), Gomti Nagr-Lucknow-226010, Ph.0522-4067636</p><p>Mail: - , Web: -</p><p>(A Telecom Implementation &amp; Software Development Company)</p><p>Application for the Summer Project Training Program 2011</p><p>Enrollment No: </p><p>(For office use only)</p><p>Name: .................................</p><p>Father / Mother Name: .......................................</p><p>Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ Sex. (_) Female (_) Male</p><p>Contact No.</p><p>.</p><p>Primary Email-ids: 1..</p><p>2..</p><p>Educational Details:</p><p>Recent Photo</p><p>Correspondence Address:</p><p>...</p><p>Permanent Address:</p><p>...</p><p>Qualification College/Institution/</p><p>University Name/Place</p><p>Year of</p><p>Admission</p><p>Year of</p><p>PassingPercentage</p><p>BE / B.Tech / MCA/BCA/Diploma</p><p>XII</p><p>X</p><p>Additional Qualification If Any</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 SIPL-Summer Training Application Form</p><p> 2/4</p><p>4/285 2nd Floor Vivek Khand (Opp.Petrol Pump), Gomti Nagr-Lucknow-226010, Ph.0522-4067636</p><p>Mail: - , Web: -</p><p>SUMMER PROFESSIONAL TRAINING MODULES2011</p><p>Certified Courses In Telecommunication Duration BranchClick</p><p>Hear</p><p>SIPL/MOD/01 GSM 4 Weeks Specially For - ET,EI,EC,EE,IT,CS</p><p>SIPL/MOD/02 CDMA 4 Weeks Specially For - ET,EI,EC,EE,IT,CS</p><p>SIPL/MOD/03 Transmission Engineering 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks Specially For - ET,EI,EC,EE,IT,CS</p><p>SIPL/MOD/04 RF Engineering &amp; Planning 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks Specially For - ET,EI,EC,EE,IT,CS</p><p>SIPL/MOD/05 3G, UMTS Technology, IMT 2000, 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks Specially For - ET,EI,EC,EE,IT,CS</p><p>SIPL/MOD/06 BTS Installation &amp; Commissioning 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks Specially For - ET,EI,EC,EE,IT,CS</p><p>CERTIFIED COURSES IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT</p><p>SIPL/MOD/07 .NET 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks B.Tech/B.E,BCA/MCA</p><p>SIPL/MOD/08 C &amp; C++ 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks B.Tech/B.E,BCA/MCA</p><p>SIPL/MOD/09 Ajax Tool Kit 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks B.Tech/B.E,BCA/MCA</p><p>SIPL/MOD/10 Web Hosting &amp; Designing 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks B.Tech/B.E,BCA/MCA</p><p>SIPL/MOD/11 J2EE 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks B.Tech/B.E,BCA/MCA</p><p>SIPL/MOD/12 PHP 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks B.Tech/B.E,BCA/MCA</p><p>CERTIFIED COURSES IN VLSI-VHDL DESIGNING</p><p>SIPL/MOD/13VLSI - VHDL FRONT END</p><p>CODING4 Weeks / 6 Weeks EC,EI,EE</p><p>CERTIFIED COURSES IN EMBEDDED SYSTEM</p><p>SIPL/MOD/14 Assembly Language 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks EC,EI,EE</p><p>BENEFITS TO STUDENTS</p><p>SIPL SUMMER PROFESSIONAL TRAINING</p><p>1 100% Placement Assistance Letter.</p><p>2 Practical Training on SIPLs ON SITE LAB / TRAINING.</p><p>3Certificate of Honor to top participants from each course.</p><p>4 Guaranteed Discount to first 100 registrations for our Summer Training Program.</p><p>5 A Discount of`1500/- for joining any two technologies.6 Learning kit containing a book and a CD would be provided free of cost to the students of each course.</p><p>7 Certification by SamInfratech (P) Ltd.</p><p>8 SIPL student Membership of`1000 free of cost,9 Separate Certificate for project work at company letter head, after completion of project.</p><p>10 Batch Dates once selected may be changed prior to 5 days of starting of the batch</p><p>11 Wi-Fi Enabled Class.</p><p>As SamInfratech a Pvt. Ltd., Telecom &amp; Software Development Company, this training will be considered as the compulsory</p><p>vocational/industrial training as per the Telecom &amp; Software Companies Requirement Curriculum.</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 SIPL-Summer Training Application Form</p><p> 3/4</p><p>4/285 2nd Floor Vivek Khand (Opp.Petrol Pump), Gomti Nagr-Lucknow-226010, Ph.0522-4067636</p><p>Mail: - , Web: -</p><p>TRAINING FEE FOR SUMMER PROFESSIONAL TRAINING 2011:-</p><p>Training Fee for Web Designing/Web Hosting: Rs. 2,500/- (Excluding Registration Fee)</p><p>Training Fee for other Technologies:</p><p>For BE / B.Tech / MCA For BCA / Diploma</p><p>` 3,500/- For 4 Weeks ` 2,200/- For 4 Weeks</p><p>` 5,000/- For 6 Weeks `3,500/- For 6 Weeks</p><p>A discount of `1,500/- For Joining any Two Technologies.</p><p>Registration Formalities:</p><p>The details may be deposited by hand at any of our Office irrespective of the training location opted</p><p>by the candidate.</p><p>Registration Fee:- ` 1000Mode Of Payment Cash / Check / DD</p><p>IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE:</p><p>Applications for Summer Program 2011 MUST be submitted as a hard copy .</p><p> Requests/applications for the program sent prior to this notification will not be considered. Any such candidate mustapply again using the prescribed application form.</p><p> Attach only Xerox copies (not originals) of marks/grades obtained in B.Tech / MCA / BCA Do not attach original degree certificates. Statement of purpose, recommendation and the marks are taken into consideration while selection of candidates</p><p>in addition to the other criteria of the Centre.</p><p> Recommendation from the Head of the Department or faculty on the prescribed Performa is MUST. The decision of the Centre in regard to the selection of candidates shall be final.</p><p>All candidates for the programmed would need to spend a minimum period of 30 days without any break. This</p><p>is one of the most important requirements and accordingly, all candidates need to furnish a certificate from</p><p>the Head of the Department/Competent authority of the college/institute certifying the following:</p><p>Declaration:</p><p>I</p><p>Mr./Ms./Mrs..S/O,D/O,W/O..</p><p>have carefully read and understand all the important instructions mentioned on this form &amp; are acceptable to me. I assure that all</p><p>the details provided in this application form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.</p><p>We welcome you to the organization. In reception, we assure you of a long, challenging, happy and rewarding career.</p><p>Applicant Signature &amp; Date</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 SIPL-Summer Training Application Form</p><p> 4/4</p></li></ul>


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