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Sioux Falls Meeting Planner Guide


  • Phone: 605.275.6060 or 800.333.2072 Fax: 605.338.0682

    200 N. Phillips Ave., Suite 102 Sioux Falls, SD 57104

    www .V i s i t S i o u x F a l l s . c om









    Offering all-encompassing service for your

    groups needs, we at the Sioux Falls Convention

    and Visitors Bureau are here to help you at

    every step along the way.

    As your liaison to the city, we can make sure

    your group gets the best services for everything

    from hotels to hot meals, convention space

    to confusion-free travel. When you are in Sioux

    Falls, you are the VIP. So dont worry about a

    thing the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors

    Bureau has you covered.

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    Who W

    e Are

    The Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a team of friendly, enthusiastic, high-level professionals committed to making your event the best ever. Offering all-encompassing service for your groups needs, we at the Sioux FallsConvention and Visitors Bureau are here to help you at every step along the way. We do more than just book your convention space. We also provide the following:

    Site Selection and Site Inspections Vendor Contacts Event and Itinerary Assistance Professional Registration Assistance Accommodation Bids and Arrangements

    AMONG ITS MANY AREAS OF EXPERTISE, A CVB: Encourages groups to hold meetings/events in the city Provides promotional material to encourage attendance Assists groups with meeting/event preparations Establishes room blocks from hotels

    Most importantly, the CVB serves as the official point of contact for meeting/event planners. Planning professionals have access to a range of services and value-added extras through the bureau.

    WHAT ARE SOME OF THE SPECIFIC SERVICES THE CVB OFFERS PLANNERS? Unbiased information about services and facilities in Sioux Falls Serve as a vast information database and a one-stop shop Act as a liaison between the planner and the community Help attendees maximize their free time through the creation of pre- and post-conference activities Provide hotel room counts and meeting space statistics Match properties to specific meeting/event requirements and budgets

    What can the Sioux

    Falls, South Dakota

    Convention & Visitor

    s Bureau do for YOU?

    What can the Sioux

    Falls, South Dakota

    Convention & Visitor

    s Bureau do for YOU?

    200 N. Phillips Ave., Suite 102 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 1.800.333.2072

  • Who W

    e Are

    OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED FROM CVBS TO PLANNERS INCLUDE: Help with on-site logistics, including registration and name badges Auxiliary services, such as production companies, catering and transportation

    Assistance with press releases and media Site selection and site inspections/familiarization tours

    WHAT SIOUX FALLS HAS TO OFFERYou will find that your dollars stretch dramatically further in Sioux Falls. Accommodations, food, entertainment, shopping, and special events all cost less. At the Sioux Falls CVB, its our job to make sure your meeting, conventionor event is a success. From site selection and program planning to city tours and accommodation bids, our servicesmake it a rewarding and pleasant experience.

    Sioux Falls offers a wide spectrum of meeting facilities and accommodations, with options to meet every groupsneeds. Whether youre hosting a meeting/event for five or 5,000, Sioux Falls will accommodate you with style andspirit! As a cultural, shopping and medical center for the five-state area, Sioux Falls offers a wide range of attractionsfor visitors. Today, Sioux Falls is just around the corner from everywhere! Located at the junction of interstates 90 and29, were within a days drive of most major Midwestern cities. Sioux Falls is served by several major airlines.

    Sioux Falls is the perfect fitSIOUX FALLS IS THE PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR NEXT MEETING, CONVENTION OR EVENT.From regional to national events, sports, state and annual conventions, Sioux Falls can accommodate your every meeting/eventand give your participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our facilities are varied and our communitys expertise is invaluablewhen it comes to innovative ways to make your event the best it can be. We invite you to come and see for yourself the wide rangeof quality facilities and experience our welcoming community. Our sales staff is prepared to arrange site inspections or travel to yourorganization to do presentations on what Sioux Falls, South Dakota has to offer your meeting, convention or event.

    ARE WE BIG ENOUGH?Concerned about holding an event in a smaller city? Dont worrySioux Falls has what it takes to host an event of larger-than-life proportions. Attendees and guests alike will appreciate the numerous lodging and dining options in the area. The Convention andVisitors Bureau takes ownership in offering Midwestern hospitality and customer service, and is ready to assist you in any way tomake your event or conference a success.

    REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)You give us your event/conference specifications and let the CVB take it from there! Let us find the perfect venue for your event bysending out bid proposals to area venues suitable for your event and area hotels to house your attendees and guests. Once we havedone all the ground work, we will present the event planner and/or site committee with a variety of options to suit any budget. Fromthe large to the small, Sioux Falls offers all sorts of options and the CVB will make the planning process convenient and efficient.

    Sections of this document reprinted with permission from Destination Marketing Association International

    From the beginning you had vision anddetermination to host amemorable conference;YOU accomplished that and moreCONGRATULATIONS!The 2011 National Conference held in Sioux Falls, has registered in my history book of meetingplanning as warm, friendly, hospitable, unique, heart-felt,enriching, intense andone of the BEST conferencesVolunteers of America has offered in a long time! Teresa Alfaro, Volunteers of America

    The Summit League basketball tourna-ment has been a resounding success inSioux Falls. From the first year in 2009,the tournament has set record attendanceand we continue to see a substantial commitment from everyone involved in our championships. The level of successwe have achieved in Sioux Falls gives ourleague a solid base to build in the yearsahead. We are excited the SummitLeague Basketball Championships will be hosted in Sioux Falls through 2014." Tom Douple, Summit League Commissioner.

    Housing bureau Speakers and entertainment opportunities

    Tours and city information Access to special venues

    The professionalism and quality of the staff at theSioux Falls Convention Center, the Sheraton, theWashington Pavilion, rivals and even exceeds biggercities where you would pay more for less service.Fifteen years of experience and I had never had anevent run so smoothly. Our small meeting never feltsmall, and the summit certainly was not just anotherdate in their calendars . You sincerely know youremore than a number when the General Manager ofthe convention center is helping move boxes for yourprogram. You become as much a part of their teamas they become of yours. We hope that future eventscan be scheduled in such a welcoming city. Edward M. Shipley, Senior Manager,Biotechnology Industry Organization


    Photo credit: National VOA Office

  • Private ChartersLandmark Aviation and Maverick Air Center provide a full range of general aviation services at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Both aviation centers provide fuel and line service along with concierge services including catering.

    How many miles to other cities:Chicago, IL 560 Denver, CO 635 Des Moines, IA 285 Fargo, ND 240 Kansas City, MO 380Milwaukee, WI 500Minneapolis, MN 270Omaha, NE 180Rapid City, SD 350Winnipeg, CA 470

    Non-Stop Passenger ServiceThe approximate length of flight is indicated with each destination city.

    Welcome to Sioux Falls!Sioux Falls is centrally located in the heart of America at the junction of Interstates 90 and 29, a days drive from most major Midwestern cities. Sioux Falls is served by several major airlines offering connections to over 200 domestic cities including direct flights to Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando.

    Sioux Falls Regional AirportSioux Falls Regional Airport is served by Delta, United, American, Allegiant and Frontier. In 2012, 905,000 passengers used the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

    Just minutes away from downtown and the Sioux Falls Convention Center complex, the Sioux Falls Regional Airport serves Sioux Falls, South Dakota, southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa keeping a well-maintained airfield, a modern and efficient passenger terminal, overnight cargo, complete general aviation facilities and an international port of entry.

    Parking is easily accessible just across the street from the terminal and national car rental counters are available at the airport.

    2801 Jaycee Ln.Sioux Falls, SD 57104Ph:

    Landmark Aviation 3501 Aviation Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104Ph:

    Maverick Air Center4201 N. Maverick PlaceSioux Falls, SD 57104Ph:

    Sioux Falls Regional Airport

    Air Transportation

    Las Vegas2:25



    Dallas/Fort Worth2:10




    Minneapolis St. Paul



    Sioux Falls

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