sinking fund millage renewal election- may 7, 2013

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Stephenson Area Public Schools

Sinking Fund Millage RenewalElection- May 7, 2013

What is a Sinking Fund

A sinking fund levy creates a separate "pot" of money that can be used for repairing and renovating facilities.

A sinking fund is not allowed to be used for routine maintenance items.

It cannot be used for salaries or benefits.

It is restricted to capital maintenance projects by the Department of Treasury Would levy .92 mills;

5 year term;

Will raise $181,837per year;

Cannot use for salaries or Benefits.

Sinking Fund Proposal

Sinking Fund ProjectsPROPOSED

Parking Lots lmpoved! High School Parking lot is not adequate for our staff and students!Carpeting/Tile Replaced! High School/Middle School/Elementary lncreased Security HS/MS/EIem! Surveillance cameras, key fob entry

lncreased Update roofs, doors, electrical and fire alarm system!

Sinking Fund ProjectsPROPOSED

Roofs Repaired!

Student Lavatories Renovated!

HVAC System Upgraded!

Sinking Fund ProjectsPROPOSED

Efficient Windows in 62 Wing!

Locker room Renovations!Track Resurfaced and Striped!Roof Replacements

Dont Forget to Vote!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013!