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1. Simple handmade beaded jewelry- how to makecrystal jewelry This how to make crystal jewelry tutorial includes merely two basic skills that are often applied in handmade beaded jewelry, which is exactly suitable for beginners.This sort of lake blue Czech beads really glitter well in this how to make crystal jewelry project.Even some of you unfamiliar with Czech beads will soon fall in love this kind of super-clear andlustrous materials, and furthermore take a shine to this handmade beaded jewelry. Materials and tools: blue Czech glass beads 12mm 16mm blue Czech glass beads 12mm brass rhinestone beads 0.5mm copper wire Jump rings Spring clasp Iron chain Wire cutter Round nose plierInstructions:Step 1: make beaded linkStep 2: combine beaded link with st1 , snip about 15cm length of wire; chains2nd, loop one end with plier. 1st, snip 2 pairs of chains measuring about rd3 , slide onto wire Czech beads and 10cm each;rhinestone beads alternately; 2nd, attach them to both sides of beaded4th, loop the other end and trim off excess component with jump rings.wire. 2. Step 3: finalize this handmade bracelet1st, attach a spring clasp to one double ends ofchains;2nd, attach a jump ring to the other double ends.Yes you are done! The handmade beadedjewelry completed by you is this beautifullyshining crystal bracelet! Now after learning thisway about how to make crystal jewelry, why notput round among friends and share this goodproject.Search for different types of rhinestone beads please click: