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<p>Simple Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hair </p> <p>Simple Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hair</p> <p> frizzWhat do you do when you're away from home and your hair suddenly goes "boing!"?</p> <p>It's not practical to drag your straightening iron everywhere you go, but you can pack a small bottle of styling product in your purse</p> <p>herbal hair growthSilky hairTo get a smooth hair with enjoyable touch, apply a simple method: prepare a "mayo" with one yolk and 2 teaspoons of olive-oil. Apply the mixture on your hair before washing. Then cover the hair with packaging foil and leave it for 15-20 minutes.herbal hair growthShine onMore natural shine for your hair? After washing the hair with the proper shampoo and after rinsing, pour one little bottle of warmish mineral water on your hair. The minerals fro the water makes the hair shiny - they have a pronounced reflection-capacity and interesting light-reflection. And it really works!herbal hair growthDon't put wet hair into pony-tailWet hair is weak and hair strands can snap off wound up in a hair-tie. Let the hair dry completely before tying it up. If time is an issue, then wash your hair the night before.herbal hair growthPreserve your hair colorLike any extra stress you put on your hair, coloring makes the hair weaker and can cause breakage, which is why it's so important to deep-condition to lock in moisture. If you're heat-styling your hair frequently, be sure to protect it with a gel or salve, which will ensure that the heat burns away the product and not your hair color. herbal hair growthGreat use of vinegarAfter shampooing your hair, use 2oz. of brown vinegar (if hair is dark or in brown category) or white vinegar (if hair is grey, light, or colored blonde) to 8oz of water. Mix. pour over hair and work it through.herbal hair growth</p>