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Presentation to Artful Business Conference for Micro Businesses & Creative Entrepreneurs.


  • 1. Simple Facebook Ads On A Shoestring Budget
  • 2. What Sucks About Facebook Confusing Everything Is Always Changing Where To Start? Tried It & Wasted $
  • 3. Forget What You Think You Know This one channel can turn everything around for your business. Its still a new frontier, so it is cheap and your competitors may not be there yet!
  • 4. Increase Your Reach How would you like to reach more people than ever before for less? You cant keep relying on Facebooks organic reach... Or even harvest new clients every day for as little as $10 a day? Let me show you how using Facebook Ads...
  • 5. Why You Cant Ignore Facebook Your clients and customers are there Storytelling medium Builds relationships and community Highly targeted
  • 6. Simple System Today youll discover my system for getting your products and services known using Facebook Ads. Ill show you how you can make a splash with as little as $10 a day, and get a sizeable boost in sales.
  • 7. Questions Please hold questions until Im finished so I can get on a roll and give you as much as I possibly can!
  • 8. Common Mistakes Jump in without a strategy Forget the call to action Dont know their audience Nowhere to send the clicks
  • 9. In my programs, I cover the overall strategy to ensure you attract a steady stream of sales with Facebook Ads. Today, I want to show you how you can use Facebook Ads to bring in sales for as little as $10 a day.
  • 10. Facebook Ads Success System 1. Identify Your Goal 2. Find Your Audience 3. Spark Their Interest 4. Inspire Them To Act 5. Test 6. Refine
  • 11. Identify Your Goal
  • 12. Identify Your Goal Awareness or Leads? Traffic or Sales? Grow Your Facebook Page Likes Which Page Will Support Your Goal?
  • 13. Identify Your Goal Website or Specific Page? If you send to your website, make sure the action required is clear. Most effective campaigns are to low priced products (under $99) or to capture a lead in exchange for something FREE.
  • 14. Identify Your Goal
  • 15. Identify Your Goal Perfect Post To Target To Page Fans $10 and seen by 758 with 27 Clicks
  • 16. Identify Your Goal
  • 17. Find Your Audience
  • 18. Find Your Audience
  • 19. Check Suggested & Similar Pages
  • 20. How Do They Live? Think about whats in their hearts and minds. What TV shows do they watch? What clothes do they wear? What books do they read?
  • 21. Targeting
  • 22. Spark Their Interest
  • 23. What Type Of Ad?
  • 24. Image Is Everything
  • 25. Attention-Grabbing Copy
  • 26. Inspire Them To Act
  • 27. Unique Is Great Send To Item Page Not Store
  • 28. Test
  • 29. Return Is Everything Test & Measure. Refresh Your Ads. Split Test Images, Targeting & Copy. $10 A Day - get seen by 1,000 people, get 15 website clicks Check your conversion - sales as a portion of clicks
  • 30. Refine
  • 31. Audiences Use the power of Lookalike & Custom Audiences to zero in on the most relevant buyers... Upload your email list or track visitors to your website or Facebook Page.
  • 32. Checklist 1. Decide On Your Goal 2. Get Some Images - People or Products 3. Get Clear On Your Offer & Call To Action 4. Profile Your Likely Buyers & Research Them On Facebook 5. Test Different Images, Targeting & Copy On Facebook 6. Decide On A Budget & Stick To It & Always Start Off Small 7. Refresh & Refine
  • 33. Get More... Facebook Advertising resources at More training at