silver jewelry - providence pres jewelry from the workshop of mario in honduras the symbol of the...

Download SILVER JEWELRY - Providence Pres  JEWELRY from the workshop of MARIO In Honduras The symbol of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Pendant $15 Earring s $15 Sot $27 Large lapel pin $15

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    from theworkshop of


    In Honduras

    The symbol of thePresbyterian Church (USA)

    Pendant $15

    Earrings $15

    Sot $27

    Large lapel pin $15(size of pendant)

    Small lapel pin $12(size of earrings)

    Questions? Contact

    Barbara Kurz at the office ofProvidence Presbytery

    515 Oakland Avc.Rock Hill, SC 29730


    The seal of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a symbolicstatement of our heritage and identity. The basic symbols in theseal are the cross, Scripture, dove and flames.

    The cross is the dominant structural and theological element inthe design; it is the universal symbol of the Christian Church. Thecross represents the incarnate love of God in Jesus Christ, andhis passion and resurrection. The Celtic cross has long beenassociated with Presbyterian history and so it is the form of thecross used in the seal of our church,

    Starting at the bottom of the cross there is first the visual image ofa lectern or pulpit, which illustrates the importance of preachingin the Presbyterian Church. Across the top of the pulpit, andforming the arms of the cross, is an open book, which reflects theemphasis that the Reformed tradition has placed on the role ofScripture as a means of knowing God's word. A descendingdove forms the upper portion of the cross. This is the symbol ofthe Holy Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit has a vital role inboth inspiring and interpreting the Scriptures in the life of thechurch. The dove also symbolizes Christ's baptism by John andthe peace and wholeness which his death and resurrection bringto our world.

    Beside the lower part of the cross are two flames which form atriangle, the traditional symbol of the Trinity. The flames alsoreflect both books of the Bible. In the Old Testament, God spoketo Moses from the burning bush. In the New Testament, Christmanifested himself to his apostles at Pentecost and charged themto be messengers of the good news of God's love for all people.(The symbol for Pentecost is the flame,)

    The triangle also suggests the nature of Presbyteriangovernment, which divides authority between ministers of theWord and laypersons and between different governing bodies.This idea is based on the Reformed emphasis on the covenant,which God establishes with people to affirm God's enduring loveand to call us to faith and obedience to Jesus Christ.




    pendantearringssetlarge lapel pinsmall lapel pin


    @$15 =@$15 =@$27 =@$15 =

    @$12 =


    Make check to Providence Presbytery"for" jewelry

    Mail to Barbara at Providence Presbytery [see over]

  • Make your check payable to Providence Presbytery for jewelry




    Address [if items to be mailed contact Barbara for shipping fee] _______________


    Telephone _________________________________________________


    Style # ________number _____ x cost _______ = $_______________


    Style # ________number _____ x cost _______ = $_______________


    Style # ________number _____ x cost _______ = $_______________

    Rings: size needed ___________

    Style # ________number _____ x cost _______ = $_______________


    Style # ________number _____ x cost _______ = $_______________

    TOTAL ORDER COST $_______________

    Mail order form to: Providence Presbytery 515 Oakland Avenue Rock Hill, SC 29730 Attn: Barbara Kurz

    Questions: 803-328-6269


    from the workshop of

    Mario Carbajal

    in Honduras

    Mario was asked to make a special rosary for

    Pope Francis.

    Mario has been a friend of mission groups

    from Providence Presbytery that visited

    Honduras since the early 1990s.

  • Silver Earrings #E 1 [Mayan] $15 #E 2 [Mayan] $15 #E 3 [Mayan] $15 #E 4 [Mayan] $15 #E 5 [flowers] $15 #E 6 [woman] $24

    #E 7 [Mayan] $10 #E 8 [Mayan] $10

    Silver Ring: #R 11 $10 Bracelets: [talk to Barbara] #B 15 $30 #B16 $25

    Fresh Water Pearls: Ring [flat or round pearl] ~ $10 Pendants [flat or round pearl] ~ $10

    #R 9 with flat pearl #P 9 with flat pearl #R10 with round pearl #P10 with round pearl

    Earrings [flat or round] ~ $10

    #E 9 with flat pearl #E 10 with round pearl

    Denominational Symbols: Pendants $15 Earrings $15 PC(USA) #PC P 12 Set Pendant & Earrings $27

    #PC E 12 #PC S12

    United Methodist #UM P 13 #UM E 13 #UM S 13 Disciples of Christ #DC P 14 #DC E 14 #DC S 14

    Necklace: [18 inch chain] #N 17 $18

  • Silver Earrings

    #E 1 [Mayan] $15 #E 2 [Mayan] $15 #E 3 [Mayan] $15

    #E 4 [Mayan] $15 #E 5 [flowers] $15 #E 6 [woman] $24

    #E 7 [Mayan] $10 #E 8 [Mayan] $10

    Silver Ring: #R11 $10

    Fresh Water Pearls:

    Ring [flat or round pearl] ~ $10#R 9 with flat pearl#R10 with round pearl

    Pendants [flat or round pearl] ~ $10#P 9 with flat pearl#P10 with round pearl

    Earrings [flat or round] - $10#E 9 with flat pearl #E 10 with round pearl

    Denominational Symbols:

    PC(USA) #PC P 12#PCE12#PCS12

    Pendants $15Earrings $15Set Pendant & Earrings $27

    United MethodistDisciples of Christ

    #UMP13#DCP 14

    #UM E13#DCE14

    #UMS 13#DCS 14

    Bracelets: [talk to Barbara] #B 15 $30 #B16$25 Necklace: [18 inch chain] #N 17 $18

    pc(usa) jewelry order form.pdfmariomario 2