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<ul><li><p>Artificial Flowers - Silk Flowers - Over 2590 to select from. </p><p>Flowerama offers you Sydneys largest display of beautiful, high quality, life like Artificial Flowers, Silk </p><p>Flowers, Wedding Flowers &amp; Fake Flowers. With over 2590 Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Wedding </p><p>Flower &amp; Fake Flower varieties and colours to select from, including our new beautiful, high quality, </p><p>Artificial Flower &amp; Silk Flower Water Stem range and Australian Native Artificial Flowers. Floweramas </p><p>Artificial Flower and Silk Flower Water Stems are ideal for arranging in with your fresh flowers or simply </p><p>on their own just add water. </p><p>Commonly known as silk flowers when they were traditionally made from silk. Artificial Flowers are </p><p>now made of a variety of different materials including silk and real touch. Artificial Flowers, Silk </p><p>Flowers, Wedding Flowers &amp; Fake Flowers are so life-like, they offer a great alternative to fresh flowers. </p><p>Artificial flowers, Silk Flowers, Wedding Flowers &amp; Fake Flowers are easy care, require no watering and </p><p>last a lifetime! </p><p>Artificial Flowers, Silk Flowers, Wedding Flowers &amp; Fake Flowers are ideal as a Gift, for your Home Dcor, </p><p>Office, Corporate Events or your own beautiful, custom designed, Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Fake </p><p>Flower &amp; Wedding Flower Bridal Bouquet. Floweramas Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Wedding Flower &amp; </p><p>Fake Flower warehouse is located in Castle Hill, Sydney. </p><p>Click on an image below to view our beautiful Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Wedding Flower &amp; Fake </p><p>Flower range. </p></li><li><p> Flowerama prides itself on providing Sydneys largest selection and range of Artificial Flowers - Silk </p><p>Flowers, Artificial Trees &amp; Shrubs &amp; Artificial Plants from High Quality Artificial Real Touch varieties to </p><p>Artificial Budget range products. </p><p>At Flowerama, we are committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction. We strive to </p><p>provide exceptional quality products and service all areas across Australia. </p><p>Flowerama specialises in custom designed Artificial Flower Arrangements and Artificial Bridal Bouquets </p><p>offering you a complete service. </p><p>Our qualified Floral Designers and Wedding Co-Ordinators will assist you every step of the way, by </p><p>helping with product selection and working with you to create your own unique arrangement or </p><p>bouquet, inspiring your creative side! </p><p>About Flowerama </p><p>Flowerama offers the largest display and most beautiful collections of realistic flowers, trees and plants. </p><p>As a leading provider of high quality, Artificial Flower Bridal Bouquets and Floral Arrangements we </p><p>specialise in artificial flowers of all varieties. Flowerama also offers Sydney's largest display of quality </p><p>ribbons including Satin, Organza, Grosgrain, Metallic &amp; Special Occasion Ribbons. </p><p>Our experienced and dedicated team are ready to assist with corporate artificial flower packages and </p><p>arrangement services. </p><p>Contact us or call on (02) 9680 2320 </p><p> | </p></li></ul>