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  • Europa Coaches London

    Sightseeing Tours

    Whether you are staying in a London hotel on a business trip or visiting one of

    the various hotels in the city on a leisure trip, one of the best ways to explore

    London and see the most visited attractions of the city is via Europa Coaches


    Many tourists from all over the world are drawn by London's historic spots and

    modern attractions. You can never get enough of sightseeing in London as it

    has something more to offer people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

    Sightseeing Tours are offered in England and internationally in different

    European countries such as France, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia,

    Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain,

    Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium. We are available to offer you tailor-made

    tour packages that best suit you're tour preferences.

    Many clients use our sightseeing tour services every year. We have toured with

    over 10000 clients over the years to different European destinations. The

    number of our clients continues to grow every year and our standing as a

    premier tour operator in the field keeps getting stronger.

  • You can enjoy your London sightseeing tour at following attractions:

    1. London Eye

    2. Palace of Westminster

    3. Westminster Abbey

  • 4. Madam Tussauds Museum

    5. Buckingham Palace

    6. Tower of London:

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