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  2. 2. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge This the first bridge built over the Yangtze River in Wuhan and commonly known as First Wuhan Yangtze Bridge. Yellow Crane Tower This is considered as the symbol of Wuhan city and a famous and historic tower which stands on Snake Hill. Top Attractions in Wuhan
  3. 3. Wuhan Zoo Wuhan zoo is one of the famous attractions in Wuhan, located beside the Moshui Lake in Wuhan. East Lake Park This is a scenic area situated in the eastern suburb of the Wuchang City of Wuhan. Great place to walk and enjoy the quiet surroundings.
  4. 4. Mulan Heaven Pool Mulan Pool of Heaven is a scenic attraction in Wuhan that spans nearly five thousand hectares. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple This is an important Buddhist temple in China located on Cuiwei Street Wuhan. This is also considered as one of the four biggest temples for Buddhist meditation in Hubei.
  5. 5. Popular Museums in Wuhan Hubei Provincial Museum Wuhan Museum WuhanArt Museum Madame Tussauds Wuhan Zhongshan Warship Museum
  6. 6. Top Hotels in Wuhan
  7. 7. Top Restaurants in Wuhan Brussels Beer Garden The Atomium Damiano Hubu Alley The Stones Hot dry Noodles
  8. 8. Wuhan Transportation By Air By Train By Ship
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