Sightseeing in London. London Tower Bridge London Eye Hyde Park.

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London Eye Hyde Park


Sightseeing in London London Tower Bridge London Eye Hyde Park The Tower of London St Pauls Cathedral Westminster Abbey Big Ben British Museum Karl Marxs statue in Highgate Cemetery He had developed communism. Royal Observatory Greenwich The longitude line----an imaginary line dividing the eastern and western halves of the world uniform Buckingham Palace Guards Make a list of Zhang Pingyus tour of London and a comment on each place she visited. Task 1 sites of Londoncomments Day 1 delightTower (of London) St Pauls Cathedral splendid and interesting Westminster Abbey interesting Big Ben famous sites of Londoncomments Day 2 Day 3 Greenwich, longitude line famous and interesting Karl Marxs statue British Museum strange that thrilled 1. Worried about the time available = Because she was worried about the time available e.g. Interested in stamps, he forms the habit of collecting stamps. Born in a poor family, he is cautious about spending money. 2. delight n. vt. Her first delight was going to the Tower. ( ) delighted adj. delightful adj. to ones delight with delight take delight in delight sb. with sth. be delighted with be delighted at be delighted to do sth. be delighted that e.g. To the teachers delight, all his students passed the examinations. She was delighted with the award. She looked at me with delight. Listening (Page 15) Task 2 1. Before you listen to the tape, look at the royal family trees. In pairs and in turn ask and answer these questions Who was the sister of Queen Mary? Who was Queen Marys father? Who was King Edward Vs uncle? Who were King Edward IVs sons? Listening Task 2 1. Who was the sister of Queen Mary? 2. Who was Queen Marys father? Queen Elizabeth I. King Henry VIII. 3. Who was King Edward Vs uncle? Richard III. 4. Who were King Edward IVs sons? Edward V and Richard. 2. Look again at the names of these English kings and queens as you listen to Parts 1 and 2 of the tape. Tick the ones you hear about. Ticks for brothers King Edward V and Richard (sons of King Edward IV); King Edward ; Richard (later King Richard III); Queen Mary; Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth I) 3. Listen to the tape again and answer these questions. 1.Which king on the list was one of the princes in the Tower? How do you know? 2.Who had the two princes killed? Prince Edward was one of the princes murdered in the Tower. We know because: both were princes; both were young boys their uncle was Richard who later became King Richard III. It is said that Richard sent men to kill his nephews, the princes. Alternative words that can be used instead of nice and is nice smart, clean, excellent, exciting, famous, beautiful, grand, great, huge, special, unusual, amazing, wonderful, splendid is appear, be built, stand, lie, remain, stay, look, sound, become, keep, grow Task 5 Writing Vary the adjectives and verbs to make the writing more interesting and lively. The temple was built long ago. The old temple was built long ago. The old temple was built two hundred years ago. The old temple was constructed two hundred years ago. The temple was burned down early last century. The temple was built in the 1980s. This great stone castle was constructed five hundred years ago when King Henry was king. He loved his food and you can tell that by visiting his extremely large and well-designed kitchens. See where he fed six hundred people at one time. Admire the beautifully decorated rooms where he met the kings from other countries. Examine the care with which he organized toilets to be built for all his followers. Walk through his wonderful gardens Homework So paying some attention to the use of words can make your writing to be an exciting one. Now write a passage to introduce a scenic site in your city for a local guide book. Make the site to be an attractive one with your words. Money is a good servant but a bad master. . Decide which sentences are true and which are false.(P53) 1F 2T 3F 4T 5F 6F Task 3 Listening (Page 52) . Before you listen to the tape again, discuss these questions. 1.What was the Kings attitude to the Catholics? 2.Why did he change his mind? 3.What was the Kings attitude to the protestants? 4.Why did Guy Fawkes and Catesby want to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill the king ? 5.What would you have done if you were the king? What would you have done if you were Guy Fawkes? . Listen to the tape again and fill in the chart. King James Problems Reasons for problems Your comment Attitude to Catholics Foreign countries Dealing with Catholics Changed his mind. Should have been more patient. All Britains friends were protestant countries. Try to be friends with other countries, too. Very unkind. No evidence they wanted to hurt the King before this. It would have been better to have trusted the Catholics more. Speaking Task 4 When you have problems understanding the guide, use these phrases: Excuse me Im afraid I cant follow you. Can you speak more slowly? I beg your pardon? Pardon? What did you mean by ? I didnt understand Im sorry but could you repeat that? Sample dialogue: A: Excuse me. Are you a guide? B: Yes, I am. Can I help you? A: Can I ask you questions about the Temple of Heaven? B: Of course. What do you want to know? A: What is this Temple for? B: The Emperor came to pray for good crops and a good harvest for the country. He made offerings to the God and asked him for help. A: Can you speak more slowly? Im afraid I cant follow you. B: Im sorry. Ill speak more slowly. This is the Hall where the Emperor made his sacrifices to the Gods. You may not go in but just look through the door. A: What do you mean by making sacrifice? B: He killed many animals after making prayers. He also dressed in special clothes. A: I beg your pardon? Special clothes! I thought his clothes were always special! What were they? B: They were clothes kept just for this occasion. He changed in a special yellow room and came out to go to pray to the Gods. A: I see. When did this stop? B: When the Emperors stopped ruling China. A: Thank you. You have been most helpful.


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