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  • 1. Kumamoto southern Kumamoto
  • 2. This is a locomotive.
  • 3. This is Daikanbo in Aso The altitude is 936 meters We can see Takadake and Nekodake from there
  • 4. aerial cableway in Aso It takes 4 times to go the active volcano. There are 8 craters.
  • 5. This is Kusasenri. There are about 100 horses. the glassland 1 km in diameter.
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  • 7. shirawawa Suigen This is Shirakawa Suigen, which is the source of water. This water springs 60 ton a minutes.
  • 8. This is Aso famuland This is 21 times tokyo dome. There are park, hotel, spa and so on.
  • 9. The span of a tunnel is 550m. There is waterpearl in the tunnnel, which is combine current and special strobe. Takamori springwater tunnnel
  • 10. This is Usogui- no-Taki. This is deep in the mountain in Takamori town, so the locals nearly never known here. The height is 30 meters.