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Specialists in suction tables and cartridge dust collectors for thermal cutting since 1981.


<p>Specialists in suction tables and cartridge dust collectors for thermal cutting since 1981</p> <p>HIGH EFFICIENCY CARTRIDGE DUST COLLECTORSFOR THERMAL CUTTING INSTALLATIONS: PLASMA, OXY AND LASER CUTTING DUST EMISSIONS FILTERING EFFICIENCY COMPACT FEAUTURE AUTOMATIC CLEANINGAlways guaranteed &lt; 8.5 * 10-4 gr/ft. Tests made on working installations showed that those values are even included between 2,12 and 4,25 * 10 -4 gr/ft.</p> <p>Constant and guaranteed during the whole cartridge life at 99,999% on particles up to 1.97 * 10-5 in. The filtering medias features and building technology together with the really wide filtering surface of each cartridge (226 ft 2) assure in standard models almost a 40% space gain, compared with conventional dust collector having the same capacity. It is performed through compressed air jets acting in countercurrent, automatically activated by the efficient system called Delta P Board. A pressure gauge placed inside the filter surveys the clogging level of the cartridges sending the value to the Delta P board.</p> <p>MAINTENANCE</p> <p>Almost unnecessary until the cartridges replacement. Anyway, it is extremely simple and quick, with a great reduction in standstill times (nearly 70% less than traditional dust collectors).</p> <p>SIDEROS ENGINEERING USA - 265 Eastchester Dr - Suite 133-303 HIGH POINT, NC 27262 U.S.A. Tel.: +1 336-882-4490 Fax: +1 336-882-4491</p> <p></p> <p>CARTRIDGES</p> <p>Made of plain cellulose, Top Grade cartridges are treated in order to combine a structuraly stable filtering substatum with a thin layer of ultrafine fibers which are able to block submicron particles on the medias outer surface. Average cartridge lifespan: about 4.000 workhours. FILTERING SURFACE (ft2) 452 904 1,356 2,034 2,712 3,616 5,424</p> <p>MODEL ECO 2C</p> <p>N OF CARTRIDGES 2 4 6 9 12 16 24</p> <p>WEIGHT (lb) 710 1100 1450 2900 3300 4000 5250</p> <p>CAPACITY ft/min 1,100 1,200 1,800 1,800 2,700 2,700 4,000 3,600 5,400 4,700 6,500 6,500</p> <p>STANDARD PRODUCT RANGE</p> <p>ECO 4 HC ECO 6 HC ECO 9 CT ECO 12 CT ECO 16 CT ECO 24 CT</p> <p>R RANGE</p> <p>Reinforced version of standard dust collectors designed for applications with explosion risk, like aluminium or light alloys cutting.</p>