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<ul><li><p>RaidoAlerts Designed for the Traveler </p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Introducing Raido, the map app with live filters showcasing areas with disease outbreaks, terrorist threats, and natural disaster warnings. </p><p>Invis</p><p>ion </p><p>Link</p><p>: http</p><p>s://in</p><p></p><p>/DH</p><p>9KIG</p><p>DKW</p><p>RaidoAlerts Designed for the Traveler </p><p>2</p></li><li><p>Raido also features safe arrival messages with GPS coordinates to send concerned to loved ones. </p><p>To demo Raido, check out our invision link: </p><p>3</p><p>RaidoAlerts Designed for the Traveler </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Im a Creative Professional with a Passion for Flow Arts, Virtual Reality and Travel.</p><p>About the Creator</p><p>4</p><p>Hi, Im Shuang Chen</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Work Experience</p><p>5</p><p>GE Digital2015 - 2016 </p><p>Societe Generale2014 </p><p>Deutsche Bank2012-2014</p><p>Deutsche Bank2011-2012</p><p>Five Years Experience working for Fortune 500 companies in New York City, London, and Silicon Valley. Extensive background in communication design, website development, and social media marketing. I love creating prototype mocks, conducting user research, and playing around with Sketch. </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Raido Inspiration </p><p>6</p><p>Youre going off to Europe? Isnt it dangerous now?! - Co-worker at GE Digital</p><p>The inspiration for Raido arose from my love of traveling. This past summer, I wanted to go on an European backpacking trip. I was full of anticipation while my coworkers and friends were overly concerned about me. At the time, France and Germany just experienced a series of shootings and bombings. My outlook was if I can survive living in Oakland, I can survive backpacking Europe by myself. Afterall, statistically I would have a higher chance of getting shot in Oakland than in Europe. </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Raido Inspiration </p><p>7</p><p>In an attempt to help abate concerns of me flying off, I tried to download an app that will have the most recent travel alerts. The only ones I could find were official government apps that were horrible designed. I couldnt find anything with detailed information on travel warnings in a visually appealing manner. Thus, I decided to create my own version which Ive named Raido. </p><p>Statistically I would have a higher chance of getting shot in Oakland than in Europe</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Raido Inspiration </p><p>8</p><p>The inspiration for the name came from my trip to Iceland back in 2012. Raido is an Icelandic Bind Rune meaning </p><p>Safe Travel. It conveyed the purpose of my travel alert app really well. Theres random times in my portfolio that Ive </p><p>called Raido as Reizen which is the Dutch word for Travel. Reizen was the name initially but as I dove further into the </p><p>branding of my app, I realized Raido is more fitting. </p><p>Raido represents travel, both in physical terms and those of </p><p>lifestyle direction. The rune predicts a journey, vacation, </p><p>relocation, evolution, change of place or setting. It allows seeing a larger perspective. Seeing </p><p>the right move for you to make and deciding upon it.</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Competitors </p><p>9</p><p>Smart Traveler App by the US Government is the only app from my research similar to my aspirations for the Raido App. </p><p>Smart Traveler offers the same features of travel alerts and warnings but the information is not visually appealing. Upon opening the app, it shows a list of countries. Target demographic on both apps are travelers who are mindful about their safety abroad. </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Heuristic Evaluation </p><p>10</p><p>Appearance/Aesthetics Issues -None</p><p>Content Issues Easy to scan Minimal text/information presented Important content is above the fold Search box is easy to identify and easy to use</p><p>Navigation IssuesConsistent Navigation Easy to identify your location on the site Consistent way to return Home Organization of information makes sense</p><p>Efficiency/Functionality Issues -None</p><p>[H4 Feedback] [Severity 3]There is a search section under countries but not warnings or alerts. </p><p>[H4 Feedback] [Severity 1]Upon hitting the STEP button, instead of another list section, it brings up a random pop-up</p><p>[H4 Feedback] [Severity 3]Countries button doesnt always bring it to the home screen</p><p>[H4 Feedback] [Severity 3]No breadcrumbs, lost of site location when going into countries section</p><p>[H7 Feedback] [Severity 3]User has to scroll for so long to go through countries and travel warnings to find relevant information </p><p>[H8 Feedback] [Severity 3]Too much text in each section where its information overload</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Competitors </p><p>11</p><p>On the Australian App Store, there is the Smart Traveller AU App that has more features than the US Smart Traveler such as registering your travels, International Scams, and LGBTI travellers information. </p><p>Similar to the US Smart Traveler, it has countries listed instead of presented in a map format. Listing countries does not make it intuitive or user friendly. This is the main drawback of both of these apps that I hope to resolve with the Raido app. </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Heuristic Evaluation </p><p>12</p><p>Appearance/Aesthetics Issues -None</p><p>Content Issues Easy to scan Minimal text/information presented Important content is above the fold</p><p>Navigation Issues Organization of information makes sense</p><p>Efficiency/Functionality Issues -None</p><p>[H7 Feedback] [Severity 3]User has to scroll for so long to go through countries and travel warnings to find relevant information </p><p>[H8 Feedback] [Severity 1]List in Travel Tips does not seem to follow a logistical format</p><p>[H8 Feedback] [Severity 3]Too much text in each section where its information overload</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Competitive Analysis </p><p>13</p><p>Name Products / Services</p><p>Size / Following</p><p>Unique Selling Proposition </p><p>Strengths Weaknesses</p><p>SmartTraveler Alerts US travellers about threats abroad </p><p>@TravelGov +500,000 Twitter </p><p>Followers</p><p>Official government from the US State </p><p>Dept</p><p>Has the official US warnings and alerts </p><p>Not organized well, hard to navigate, no </p><p>visuals</p><p>Foreign Government Travel Apps</p><p>Alerts AU travellers about threats abroad </p><p>AU: 100,000+ likes on Facebook</p><p>Official AU travel app with legal information </p><p>to AU citizens</p><p>Offers LGBTI tips, Power of attorney </p><p>info, travel registration</p><p>Information not presented in an easy </p><p>to digest visual manner</p><p>TripAdvisor Gives travel advice 350 million average monthly unique </p><p>visitors</p><p>Contains the most travel advice on 1 </p><p>site</p><p>Already the trust site to go to for travel </p><p>information</p><p>Information overload, hard to find answers</p><p>News Channels (CNN)</p><p>Informs on current events</p><p>~ 5 million viewers Known to be a respectable source of </p><p>information</p><p>Most up to date information </p><p>Not easy to search for quick updates</p><p>Facebook Connects friends in a social network</p><p>1.71 billion monthly active users </p><p>Its where you catch up with all your </p><p>friends</p><p>Gives live update as to friends in danger </p><p>areas</p><p>Safety Check only works after natural </p><p>disasters</p></li><li><p>Survey Goals </p><p>14</p><p> Demographic Profile Gender Age</p><p> Travel Habits Frequency of Travel</p><p> Pleasure Business</p><p> Number of countries visited Most Concerned Threat </p><p> Disease Outbreak Natural Disasters Terrorist Threat High Crime Areas</p><p> Perceived Safety Abroad Which continents perceived most dangerous</p><p> Cancelling a trip due to threat Emergency while abroad Sources to check on travel destinations for safety</p><p>In order gain insights into the traveler demographic and their needs, I created a survey to better understand: </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Survey Results </p><p>15</p><p>During the short duration of my survey, I had a total of 27 respondents. The demographic is mostly split between 12 male and 14 female travelers with 1 respondent as non-cisgender. Due to mostly reaching out to my facebook friends, the common age is 25 to 34 in the sample. </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 16</p><p>The majority of my respondents traveled for Pleasure. The average frequency is A Few Times a Year for Pleasure and Not Often for Business Travel with some traveling Monthly for work and pleasure. This is a good sample for both business and pleasure due to moderate frequency expected of travelers using the app. </p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 17</p><p>In my user sample, majority of my respondents have gone to less than 30 different countries. Four respondents traveled to over 31 different countries. So theres a good diversity in frequency of travelers as well as experience in traveling. </p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 1870% of respondents research the safety of a country before traveling. So there is a need for an informative travel app about safety alerts. </p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>19</p><p>Upon placing the responses into a word cloud, the most common sources for travel research are: Google, government ratings/sites, news sites, asking friends, and blogs. So far, information seems to be scattered when it comes to travel safety. No unified response aside from Googling the country. </p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 20</p><p>The most concerned threat is Disease Outbreak and Crime when traveling. Followed by Terrorism and then Natural Disasters. This might be due to previous experiences by travellers surveyed as demonstrated by the next question.</p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 21</p><p>Six Respondents had to cancel a trip due to perceived safety. Four of the cancellations was due to violence in the form of bombings and civil unrest. </p><p>Two of the cancellations was due to Zika. Its interesting that it correlates pretty well with the previous results on levels of perceived threat.</p><p>Why was the trip cancelled?</p><p>There was a military koo and I was unsure of how it would effect the trip </p><p>Honduras, post removal of Peace Corps due to civil unrest </p><p>Egypt and Indonesia due to bombings</p><p>Not the issues above, but I did cancel a trip to Guatemala over violence expected during an election.</p><p>I was going to go to a bachelorette party in Puerto Rico earlier this year, but the bride-to-be cancelled bc of Zika and the average age of those attending (looking to have children in the next few years)</p><p>We were going to go to mexico, but I was pregnant and Zika was present, so we did not buy plane tickets.</p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 22</p><p>Africa is seen as the most dangerous out of all the countries listed with Australia deem as the safest. Even with the most recent European bombings, respondents still find Europe safer than North America. South America is ranked second in terms tourism danger. This question was to gain a better perspective of what countries respondents perceived to be safe vs dangerous.</p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 23</p><p>What was the emergency? </p><p>Bad flu in Costa Rica (was sick when I left NYC) I was dehydrated and badly needed an IV</p><p>Only one respondent had an emergency abroad, it was disease related. Majority of travelers usually have a great trip even with the </p><p>frequency of the travel with the sample respondents. </p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido 24</p><p>Most respondents listed search engines as their source to get the most recent travel information. Social media came in second. Due to the young age group of respondents, news outlets came last. Six respondents elaborated to include TripAdvisor and </p><p>other Travel sites such as Airbnb. Reddit as a live forum to gain insights into recent events was also mentioned. </p><p>Where to go for travel information?</p><p>TripAdvisor, Reddit, Youtube, Travel Blogs / Guides</p><p>When travel within the US, I tend to check TripAdvisor and I read recommendations from locals on Airbnb</p><p>I try to talk to people who have been there and get their advice. Where to avoid, what to do, how to stay safe, how to have the most fun possible. Also with question 9- Continents and countries are very different, and preparedness for those places- I cannot go to Antarctica tomorrow because I am not prepared, but if I knew what to do and what to expect I would feel much safer. :)</p><p>Survey Results </p></li><li><p>Personas </p><p>25</p><p>After doing conducting the survey, came the question of Who Will Use My App? </p><p>After some research it seems that the most common users will be Backpackers, Business Travelers, and Vacationers. </p><p>I gave them life as:Luna the Backpacker</p><p>Angelina the ExecutiveGilles the Vacationer </p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Personas </p><p>26</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Personas </p><p>27</p></li><li><p>Alerts Designed for the Traveler Raido </p><p>Personas </p><p>28</p></li><li><p>User Scenarios </p><p>29</p><p>Luna is ready to embark on her gap year after finishing her design degree. She's excited to venture out to Southeast </p><p>Asia. Her first stop is the Philippines. However, in certain regions there's a terrorist threat alert. Her parents are </p><p>extremely concerned for her safety, they would like regular updates on her arrival. Luna finds this to be </p><p>frustrating since she rather just enjoy the new country she's in without having to message mom and day every </p><p>day. She would rather have an app do that automatically whenever she travels to a new region. </p><p>Luna the Backpacker</p></li><li><p>User Scenarios </p><p>30</p><p>As Chief Digital Officer, Angelina is the face of Orientm. She is expected to talk at numerous international </p><p>conferences. A focus area for her company is South America. Due to the Zika outbreak, she is cautious about accepting speaking engagements there. The CEO is aware </p><p>and is willing to work with her on alternative options such as telecommuting or having him step-in. However, he </p><p>wants her to give at least a week notice in order to change flights. Angelina is now scrambling to obtain the </p><p>most current map on Zika affected areas.</p><p>Angelina the Executive</p></li><li><p>User Scenarios </p><p>31</p><p>Gilles is a Frenchman who not only knows how to have a good time but also knows how to host spectacular parties. His name is tied with legendary underground raves, so his </p><p>wedding is no exception. After a long search of the perfect wedding destination, he has settled on a beautiful private </p><p>island in the Thailand. However, the decided date falls right in the middle of the Typhoon Season. Gilles would need to check on the app to not only ensure the safe arrival of his </p><p>guests but to access to current Typhoon notifications. If all goes well, he wouldn't need to move his party inland. </p><p>Gilles the Vacationer</p></li><li><p>StoryBoard </p><p>32</p><p>Out of all the personas, Lunas story really connected with me. I am a huge backpacker who loves a sense of </p><p>adventure. Her story with her parents reminded me of my own ordeals whenever I booked a one-way </p><p>ticket somewhere. </p></li><li><p>Sketches to the Wireframes</p><p>33</p><p>Upon figuring out my target users, came the fun part of Sketching, Laying out, and Wireframing </p><p>my app to life. </p></li><li><p>Sketches &amp; Exploration...</p></li></ul>