Shri Tilok Jain Dnyan Prasarak Mandal’s Shri Anand College, Pathardi , Dist:- Ahmednagar

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Shri Tilok Jain Dnyan Prasarak Mandals Shri Anand College, Pathardi , Dist:- Ahmednagar. Wel -Come!!!!. Department of Zoology. To impart basic education in Zoology. To develop experimental skills of the students in the subject. To develop scientific temperament . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Shri Tilok Jain Dnyan Prasarak Mandals Shri Anand College Pathardi, Dist:- Ahmednagar

Shri Tilok Jain Dnyan Prasarak MandalsShri Anand College, Pathardi, Dist:- Ahmednagar


Department of Zoology

AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTo impart basic education in Zoology.To develop experimental skills of the students in the subject.To develop scientific temperament .To prepare the students for admission to higher studies.To prepare the students for employment in small scale industries.To motivate the students for self employment.

Faculty Dr. Wajunjkar A. G., M. Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Head of Department

Teaching Experiences:- 23Years

Dr. B.R. Ghorpade, M. Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Teaching Experiences:- 22Years

Non Teaching Staff

Mr. Y M GhodakeLab. Assistant, B.Sc.Experience - 22 years

Mr. S S SharmaLab. Attendant , ITI.Experience- 22 years

ProgrammeThe department of Zoology, offers B.Sc. (Zoology) programme at Subsidiary Level ( F.Y.B.Sc. & S.Y.B.Sc.) of University of Pune, since 1991.

CurriculumUniversity of Pune, designs curriculum periodically. Periodicity is about 5 years.The Department offers the same curricula.The teachers of our college actively participate in curriculum design process and design the curriculum as per feedback and society needs.Dr. B.R. Ghorpade, Member of Board of Studies, University of Pune, actively participated in curriculum design process.Courses OffersF.Y. B.Sc.-PCBZ, Annual System, 80+20 First Term I Animal Systematics and Diversity -I II Fundamentals of Cell Biology III Practical Second TermI Animal Systematics and Diversity -II II GeneticsIII PracticalCourses OffersS.Y.B.Sc.- CBZ, Semester System, 40+10 Semester I I General Zoology and Biological techniques-part-I II Applied Zoology-part-I III Practical course Semester III General Zoology and Biological techniques-part-II II Applied Zoology-part-II III Practical course

Learning Resources Library- The central Library of college posses 462 Text books, 86 reference books, 03 Journals & 02 periodicals of Zoology.

Computers- The department possesses computers with internet facility for staff & students.

Laboratories- The precise and well ventilated laboratories (61.24 with adequate space and necessary equipments are provided in department.

Other resources- The teaching aids include charts, educational CDs. Models etc.Available stock in departmentSr.No.ParticularsQuantities1Specimens1382Charts753Slides584Models105Research Microscope Trinocular016Research Microscope Binocular027Dissecting Compound Microscope128Dissecting treys489Dissecting box0110Electrophoresis Apparatus0111Incubator0112Aquarium0113Human Skeleton0114B P Apparatus0315Hemoglobinometer for HB Checking0616W B C Counting Kit04Teaching Methods The lecture method is supplemented with- Study tour- The study tour is regular activity of department. Guest lectures- Department organizes guest lectures of eminent persons under QIP of Pune University.Modern teaching methods- The teachers of department occasionally use O.H.P, LCD & Charts in teaching and learning process., ICT in teaching learning- The broad band internet facility of BSNL is available at college. The teachers and students use this facility regularly.

Participation of Teachers in Teaching, Evaluation and Other ActivitiesTeaching - Every teacher of department prepares teaching plan for effective teaching learning process. The teachers of department actively involve in evaluation process of University. The faculty is regular & punctual in teaching & learning activities. Evaluation- The progress of the student is assessed through Tests, Home assignment and Term end Examination. All the teachers of the department participated in examination and evaluation process of University of Pune

Other Activities- The teachers of the department actively participate in extension activities of the college and worked as Chairman and members of various academic and administrative committees of the College.

Student Strength

Sr. No.Academic Year F.Y.B.Sc. S.Y.B.Sc.12004-05714422005-06802732006-07634042007-08533052008-09732762009-10912872010-11753882011-12683892012-136656102013-146746ResultsSr. No.Academic Year F.Y.B.Sc. % of Student Admitted to Higher studies S.Y.B.Sc. % of Student Admitted to Higher studies

12004-05919022005-06868332006-07818042007-08858252008-09797762009-10838172010-11878482011-12928692012-138985Research A priority area for Research- The priority area of research includes Biodiversity & Environmental Science.

Publications of the faculty- Total 07 Research Papers

Completed Projects- Two projects (Rs. 2,60,000/-) of faculty Students projects- Total 37 students participated in this activities

Title of the projects 1.Vermiculture using kitchen waste 2.Effect of leaves extract on the pest (aphids). 3.Effect of plant extract on wound healing 4.Detection of blood groups and counseling on marriages.

Faculty Development Programmes Faculty Improvement Programme

Dr. Walujkar A.G. completed, Ph.D. Under FIP Scheme of UGCDr. B.R.Ghorpade completed, Ph.D.

Refresher/Orientation Programme

All the teachers of department have completed their Refresher/ Orientation Programme for their career development.

17Seminar/Conferences/Workshops organized

The Dept. of Zoology has organized one day University level seminar on 'Biodiversity of Maharashtra' on 11th Oct. 2008.

Organized two-days State Level Conference on Advances in Life Science at Department of Zoology and Botany. Shri Anand College of Arts and Science Pathardi Dist Ahmednagar on 11th and 12th February 2010.

Achievements of FacultyMs. A G Walujkar has been awarded Ph.D. degree ( Jan. 2007) on the topic Hydro-biological Studies of Dam Water From Pathardi Tahsil, Dist:- Ahmednagar, (M.S.), India. from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

Mr. B R Ghorpade has been awarded Ph.D degree on the topic Studies on gametogenesis, biochemical profile and fecundity of crab Barytelphusa cunicularis on 17th December 2009, from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, AurangabadSeminar/Symposia/Conference/Workshop Participation (2003-04 to 2013-14)S.N.Name of FacultyLevelInternationalNationalStateUniversity1Dr. Walujkar A.G.011012062Dr. B.R. Ghorpade01081213Publications OF Dr. Walunjkar A.G.Paper PublishedHiware, C. J. Ugale, B. J. and Walujkar, A. G. 2004. Studies of some Physicochemical Characteristics of Jagatunga Samudra from Kandhar, Dist-Nanded (M.S.). Nat. J. of Life Sci. 1(1): 73-75.

Walujkar A.G. , D.N. Nighut , C. J. Hiware , Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Zooplankton of Mohari Reservoir from Pathardi Tahasil, Dist: Ahmednagar, (M.S.), India. Bionano Frontier , Vol.7(1), Jan.- Jun. 2014, 133-135.

Walujkar A.G. & C. J. Hiware, Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Zooplankton in Shirsatwadi Reservoir of Pathardi Tahasil, Dist: Ahmednagar, (M.S.), India., Flora & Fuana , Vol.19., No.01.,2013,106-107.

Walujkar A.G. , C. J. Hiware, D.N. Nighut, Physicochemical Environment of Shirsatwadi Reservoir from PathardiI Tahasil, Dist: Ahmednagar, (M.S.), India. Proceeding of National Conference on Upcoming Trends in Chemical Science, UTCS-2013, 6-7 September 2013, 152-154, ISBN- 978-81-905776-99-9.

Publications Dr. Walunjkar A.GPaper Communicated

Walujkar A.G. , D.N. Nighut , Studies on Physicochemical Variation in Shirsatwadi Reservoir of Pathardi Tahasil, Dist: Ahmednagar, (M.S.), India. Communicated to Flora & Fuana , Journal, on 19/09/13

Nighut D.N., A.G. Walujkar , C. J. Hiware, Physico-Chemical Study of Jayakwadi Dam Water, From Paithan, Dist: Aurangabad, (M.S.), India. Communicated to Life Science Bulletin, Journal, on 10/09/13.

Publications OF Dr. Ghorpade B.R..Ghorpade B. R. and Patil M. U. (2012): Seasonal variation in RNA content of freshwater crab, Barytelphusa cunicularis in relation to reproduction. Nat Conference on Biodiversity, Biotechnology and climate change. (ISBN 978-93-B1921-23-4) pp 43-46.Ghorpade B. R. and Patil M. U. (2011): Changes in lipid content of freshwater crab, Barytelphusa cunicularis. Indian Journal of Invert Zoology and Aqua. Biol., Vol. 7(1): 11-14.Ghorpade B. R. and Patil M. U. (2012): Seasonal variation in DNA content of freshwater crab, Barytelphusa cunicularis in relation to reproduction. Journal of Asso of Zoologists, India. Vol. 5(1): 152-157.

Dr B R Ghorpade-Minor Research Projects CompletedS. N.Academic Year Amount Sanctioned Rs.Status12008-10200000(BCUD)Completed22008-1060000(UGC)Completed24Extension Activities

The students and faculties are actively involved in blood group detection and Hb count camp.The departmental students and faculties are participated in blood donation camp.The students and faculties are contributed in extension activities conducted in the collegePoster presentation of F. Y. B. Sc. And S. Y. B. Sc Students was done every year

Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of studentsIndividual Counseling -The Faculty members provide guidance to students, for their academic progress, increase the self confidence, improve the subject knowledge & personality development.

Remedial Coaching- The study material & additional guidance is provided to needy & weak s


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