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A multi-cultural approach to self-esteem


  • 1. Self-EsteemShow Off Your Skills! Workshop
  • 2. What Self-Esteem is not It is not arrogance. Self-Esteem it is not a false sense of self-worth believing we are better than others (smarter, taller, prettier)
  • 3. What is Self-Esteem? A favorable impression of oneself, self-respect. To feel pride because you are attempting to excel in what you do. Feeling good and at peace because you do your best to achieve your goals. You are patient with yourself and motivated to reach your dreams.
  • 4. How to improve your Self- Esteem Believe in yourself. When you fail an exam do not criticize yourself in a negative way (Im stupid, Im useless). Instead, tell yourself: Next time Ill study harder Look for role-models, mentors and coaches. Use your good qualities (hard worker, good team player, social, perseverant, optimistic, good listener, reliable, qualified, communicative)
  • 5. Dream with your eyes wide open!
  • 6. End