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For an upcoming presentation on badges for education. Thnaks to Doug Belshaw and other Mozillans for generously sharing.


  • 1.Show me yourbadgesPaul Treadwell @ptreadwell November 2012

2. Im no boy scout.WHAT ARE BADGES? 3. badges = visual representations of a skill or achievement 4. Badges offer an alternative method to validate and accreditknowledge gained in non traditional contexts Badges can have granularity Rewarding incremental skills growth with mini badges Cumulative badges can aggregate (and represent) major learningachievements and objectives Badges represent knowledge gains that are certifiable Each badge carries data about the learning Each badge carries information about the issuerWhy should we care? 5. Increasingly, badges are appearing on the web to indicate (orvalidate) achievements 6. Some represent fun or social achievements 7. But there is a move to use badges to represent milestones andachievements across a broad spectrum of learning environments 8. Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition 9. Community Organizations: 4-H 10. Interest in badges is growing The diversity of badge issuers is increasing Without an open specification, and standard, evaluating badgesbecomes problematic Think of it in terms of operating systems a windows app may notrun on a mac How can I, as an evaluator, be sure that your badges are consistentin evaluation and value? Validity Credibility Reliability Trust, standards and openness 11. Establishing a valid infrastructure for badgesMOZILLA OPEN BADGE INITIATIVE 12. Open to scrutiny open badges an open specificationand APIs that provideany organization thebasic building blocksthey need to offerbadges in a standard,interoperablemanner. 13. The three participants in an open badge systemThe badge infrastructure supports participation in the system by Issuers, Earners (orLearners) and Displayers. 14. Anatomy of an open badgeMetadata attached to a badge insures a reliable chain of trust by linking to evidence oflearning, issuer and contact information. 15. Badges are collected from a variety of issuers Badges can represent achievements, learning, skills development, interests andcompetencies garnered on or off-line. Badges could visually represent lifelong learning. 16. Once a badge is issued it is collected in a backpack.The badge backpack can then feed a variety of display sites, allowing learners to present their achievements in a variety of contexts. 17. Moodle & Mahara Work is underway todevelop theinfrastructure toallow Moodle toissue badges andMahara to displaythem. 18. An example From Mozilla WebmakerBADGE ASTRONOMY 19. Building digital literaciesMozilla funded project to develop tools, projects and communities that can make theweb. 20. Webmaker badgesMini, cumulative and peer badges. 21. Badge constellations 22. Badges have the potential to represent, validate and integrate,diverse and varied learning pathways. This would require a fairly major shift in worldview for manyplayers in the world of formal education Issues of authority and control Issues of profit I am skeptical that this will happen But.lets talk about it. Taking badges seriously A few questions and concerns 23. The Mozilla blog Erin Knight Doug Belshaw Jess Klein Chloe Varelidi of-stars-designing-constellations-for Carla Casilli (or who I borrowed from to make this presentation) Thanks to all for generous sharing. 24. Contact Paul Treadwell @ptreadwell My diigo badges bookmarks list