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Shotgun @ BlueSky Studios. &. Bill Schott 10/24/13. Types of Shotgun Users @ BSS. Shotgun Users Stats @ BSS. Only 95 people out of 460 active users have created a custom page (20.6%) 24 of which have made only made 1 page. 71 people have made more than 1 page (15.4%) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Shotgun @ BlueSky Studios

& Bill Schott 10/24/13Types of Shotgun Users @ BSS

Type of User#%Artist/ Technical Directors32270%Artist Plus - Sups & Leads6314%Manager - Prod MGMT6013%Production Schedulers92%Admin - Shotgun Support61%Total460Shotgun Users Stats @ BSSOnly 95 people out of 460 active users have created a custom page (20.6%)24 of which have made only made 1 page.71 people have made more than 1 page (15.4%)Last month there were 62 pages that had an average of over 1 hit/dayShotgun & Linked Data

Data in Shotgun is linked and grouped into data sets known as entities.Benefits of linked data include: - enables the provision of data in a variety of different data formats, allowing participants to see information the way they need it; promoting better decision making - is dynamic and removes the need to manually find datasets allowing workers to do more - it makes data accessible for anyone, & the more we use it, the more we can discover Pages: aka Custom Designed Data SetsProjectAnubisLaboratoryPipelineRiverSpikeNo Project specifiedTotal# of pages3991919233706701410Pages: aka Custom Designed Data SetsTypeAssetDeliveryDev TicketDiscussionsEvent LogFileGrindGroupNotePagePersonPlaylistProd Ticket# pages721221722133802691960ProjectProto AssetProxyPublish EventQuotaSequence ShotTaskTask TemplateTime LogToolVersionCanvasTotal17131533552443261111674623Recent & Example PagesGlobal Assets Anubis Port (DESIGN/PE)http://shotgun/page/4940Angelas Approved Char Art Page (Design)http://shotgun/page/5051Angelas Prop Page(Design)http://shotgun/page/5043#FX Artist 2.1 (FX)http://shotgun/page/4277SPIKE ANIM PrePro (ANIM)http://shotgun/page/4243

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Recommendations & Closing ThoughtsHold monthly interdepartmental meetings with Shotgun representatives and Support Offer instructional classes to Shotgun to new hires and existing hires that want to learn. Especially artists.Make templates for assets