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  • 1. EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) New York San Francisco - London Dubai SHOPPER MARKETING IN SIX STEPS

2. Radius Global EMEA 2 Workshop agenda 1. What is shopper marketing all about? 2. The retailer 3. Shopper Vs. Consumer 4.1. Shopper ergonomics 4.2. Shopper behaviour 5. Great shopper marketing 6. Shopper research 3. 1. What is shopper marketing all about? Exploring how shopper marketing came about and clear definition 4. Radius Global EMEA 4 70% of all purchase decisions are made at point of purchase? Who said that? 5. Radius Global EMEA 5 70% of all purchase decisions are made at point of purchase? How true is this statement? Wheres the evidence? Do you believe that? Beer 50% Healthcare 25% Pre-loaded brain Advertising Social media Brand preference Experiences 6. Radius Global EMEA 6 So what is the difference? 7. Radius Global EMEA 7 Social media has empowered the consumer shopper Theyre informed They get expert advice Their key influencers are Mum (matriarch's) Friends and bloggers Product reviews online Blogs (private interest groups) but their final decision is at PoP In-store or online Your last chance to influence Dont forget aftersales 8. Radius Global EMEA 8 The Outernet is the new shopper and consumer world What we used to do is now all online 9. Radius Global EMEA 9 What is shopper marketing? Shopper Marketing uses shopper and consumer insights to engage the shopper at the point of purchase (moment of truth). 10. Radius Global EMEA 10 Market Targeting Awareness Understa nding Believab ility DesireFind Purchase Like Prefer Consumer Marketing Shopper Marketing Consumer Marketing Purchase Intention Repeat Loyalty Trial Above The Line It is often a neglected part of marketing the point of purchase 11. Radius Global EMEA 11 it used to be about Distribution Advertising Powerful brands 12. Radius Global EMEA 12 shopper marketing has taken centre stage Brand marketing Brand advertising Distribution Category management Range management Segmentation Consumer needs ECR (efficient consumer response) Efficient supply and demand Cost and supply processes Shopper marketing Marketing at the point of purchase 13. Radius Global EMEA 13 Power brands could dictate sales The power moved to retailers Power is now in the hands of consumers Social media is supplementing the mass media of the past 14. Radius Global EMEA 14 Marketing has moved on too.. ATL (above the line) dominated with TV adverts and main stream media. Media became fragmented with multiple TV channels and online Retailers became expert at retail marketing and learnt to influence and control the purchase at POP Online penetration has grown along with online shopping from home Mobile online shopping and the use of Apps has given shoppers greater freedom, control and choice. Consumer shoppers now research online, buy or review offline (in-store) and may return to buy online. WHATS NEXT? 15. Radius Global EMEA 15 New name, same issues, but in a changed environment The brand approach How can we maximise sales? How can we prevent my customers going to another brand/retailer? How can we gain new shoppers/consumers? The category management approach How can we meet consumer needs? What is the optimum range? How do consumers/shoppers segment the range? Where are the gaps and opportunities? How can we make it easier for shoppers to buy more? Shopper marketing How can we influence shoppers at point of purchase? Where and how best to allocate marketing spend? 16. Radius Global EMEA 16 In theory Meet consumer/shopper needs and they will come (buy)? but do they realise/know? What of unknown/unmet needs? Where are the real opportunities? Desire before the need Theres clearly still a need for advertising and promotion, only in different forms of communication and integrated/connected across several new and different channels 17. Radius Global EMEA 17 Shopper marketing has moved on too before, it was a revelation that above the line advertising and promotion was losing out to the point of purchase. The power had moved to the retailer as they became smarter at shopper marketing through their own brands, category management, more sophisticated in-store marketing, their own advertising campaigns and of course their online shopping. but now shoppers are taking centre stage. Social media has given them the power of easy convenient connection. Access to information, product reviews and consumer experiences. Along with the recent economic pressures, this has spurned new shopping behaviours. The smart shopper can ignore traditional advertising messages and make better informed purchase decisions. Evolution ATL POP Retailer marketing Category management Shopper Social media Information, product reviews Smart shopper Advert immune ROBO behaviours 18. Radius Global EMEA 18 Lets not fool ourselves, theyre still in-store The key is to understand how to get through to this new smart consumer, to understand the new shopper touch points and use that knowledge to influence the point of purchase. Consumers are still driven by brand loyalty, awareness and emotional attachments. Shoppers are still influenced by ATL advertising. They are pre-loaded with brand preferences, past experiences and a purchase decision narrative, ready to find and select their chosen product. Shoppers (whether in-store or online/mobile), can and are influenced at the point of purchase, only their consideration routines and purchase route has changed. New shopper touch points Influence POP Drivers are not changed Brand loyalty and awareness Emotional attachments Shopper ATL still influences Pre-loaded preferences Purchase decision narratives POP is in-store and online New consideration routines 19. Radius Global EMEA 19 What is shopper marketing?, shopper marketing is about understanding the new shopper and using that knowledge to manage the marketing mix. The aim is to affect change in shopper behaviour with the objective of driving brand consumption. 20. Radius Global EMEA 20 Shopper marketing applies to any environment where people make purchase decisions From banks, to burger bars, to bazaars Banks Burger bars Bazaars 21. Radius Global EMEA 21 Workshop agenda 1. What is shopper marketing all about? 2. The retailer 3. Shopper Vs. Consumer 4.1. Shopper ergonomics 4.2. Shopper behaviour 5. Great shopper marketing 6. Shopper research 22. Radius Global EMEA 22 Future lectures, workshops and training days Shopper Marketing Its claimed that 70% of decisions are now made at Point of Purchase. Understand how this works and what brands can do about this. How to best allocate advertising spend. Innovation & Product development With our training and workshops, clients have developed new and highly profitable products, solved business and team issues and have found profitable new product niches. Category Management Retailers used this to decide on ranges to stock and their strategy for the product category. Understand how to become the retailers category captain.