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CSO MBA Summer 2013 inter profile. To use for internal communications


  • Summer 2013 Intern Profile


    Shiv has a zeal for exploring new things and opportunities in life. He tries to ensure playing some kind of sport 2 -3 times a week, and enjoys travelling on the weekends to experience new places. He likes interacting with new people to be able to learn more about different cultures and backgrounds and is one to socialize frequently.


    Sports - Soccer, Squash, Golf, Swimming, Gaming, Cricket, Marathons

    Travelling- Road trips, Hiking

    Name: Shiv Walia University: Michigan State University CSO Organization: Dell Solutions Center

  • MSU Broad College of Business Career Services / Dell_Supply Chain -Full Time MBA Internships

    Shiv Pal Singh Walia 20

    Shiv Pal Singh Walia 1615B Spartan Village, East Lansing, MI 48823


    EDUCATION Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

    Master of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management 5/2014

    Thapar University, Punjab, India

    Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering 6/2009

    EXPERIENCE Zonengage(start-up company), Kenya, Africa 8/2011 - Present

    Founder Initiated a social media system to connect people with common interests such as golf, cricket,

    American football and gaming. Met a market need due to a high volume of recently relocated

    individuals within various residential zones.

    Reinvested money to implement a grass-roots business concept into a profitable cost center.

    Led an 8 member team to complete coding and testing of the website to achieve a business goal of 5,000 active users within 36 months.

    Walken Limited, Kakamega, Kenya, Africa 8/2011 - 7/2012

    Procurement Specialist Walias Supermarket

    Directed a team of 25 employees to optimize monthly stock takes, resulting in leaner inventory levels and less than 5% error in stock keeping.

    Managed supplier pricing structure and balanced purchasing and inventory costs, which reduced overhead costs by 15%.

    Spearheaded automation of stock keeping processes in the retail section. Sales, Inventory Manager Walias Real Estate

    Directed asset management functions for two real estate buildings, each worth $1M.

    Resolved supplier logistic issues and inventory and procurement issues, resulting in above 90% schedule execution.

    Developed sales strategies for leasing of the properties through advertisements and open houses, and met prospective clients to discuss possible deal closings.

    Accenture Services Limited, Bangalore, India

    Market Analyst Sales Enhancement Team 1/2011 - 7/2011

    Designed a tool called competitive intelligence for the onshore sales team and prepared customer case studies across service lines. This assisted in acquiring more than 30 new business clients.

    Assisted in developing a customer credentials tool called Matrix. This reduced the time for searching a company profile by approximately 20%.

    Software Programmer Travelers Insurance Company 12/2009 - 12/2010

    Led a team of 5 to implement the automation of software testing aimed at improving the claims processing system, thereby reducing the testing time by 40%.


    Language: English (native), Swahili (native), Hindi (native), Punjabi (native) and Gujarati (fluent).

    Volunteer: Parikrama (2005-2009), Daisy school for Handicapped Children (2011-2012).

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