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  1. 1. Product Information by Mr. Dayanand Arya
  2. 2. Introduction "SHIV SANJIVANI is a purely Ayurvedic medicine useful for all types of crops, fruits and vegetables. This medicine helps to provide every necessary element for the crops to get a large production without any damage or infection, therefore farmer does not need any of chemical or organic fertilizers. Because this medicine is like all in oneand one for all. As this medicine was made up from purely Ayurvedic contents, this medicine is not toxic orpoisonous. Note: All the contents of this medicine are currently not being revealed and kept secret due to some official and personal reasons.
  3. 3. Usage Seed treatment : The 5 mlwith 1 ltr water, spray onseeds, and rub them gently. First spray : After 20 days ofsowing. (As 2ml/ltr) Secondspray : After 40 days of sowing. (As2ml/ltr) Thirdspray : After 60 days of sowing. (As3ml/ltr) Note : 5 sprays are necessary forCotton, Turmericand Sugarcane. For whole Season ofa crop
  4. 4. How it works ? After the spray, the molecules of Shiv Sanjivani accumulates on the leaves, steams flowers (on the area exposed to the air during spraying). From the leaves it will be then transferred and provided to the every part of the crop apart from root to top providing the necessary elements to increase its 1) Immunity system 2) Growth rate 3) Necessary ingredients required for human beings and the crop itself.
  5. 5. ADVANTAGES 1) Increases soil fertility. 2) Increases the growth rate of crops. 3) Protects crops from various diseases. 4) From secondspray, falling of flowers will betotally stop. 5) From third spray, no. of fruits in crops will be increased. 6) Useful for all crops. 7) No any chemical is contaminated. 8) Veryeffective oneverycropwith immediate actions. 9) Verylow cost comparedall otherexpenses neededto bedone by a farmer. 10) You doesn't need to useany chemical ororganic fertilizer. 11) All in one, one for all. 12) No side effects.
  6. 6. Ingredients 1 pH 2 Sp.Gravity 3 TotalSolid 4 Iron(Fe) 5 Zinc(Zn) 6 Copper(Cu) 7 Manganese(Mn) 8 Boron(B) 9 Nitrogen(N) 10 Phosphorusas(PO4) 11 Potassiumas(K2O) 12 Calcium(Ca0 13 Magnesium(Mg) 14 Sulfur(S)
  7. 7. Recommended & Important notes To get more and better production, sowing must be done after New moon night (Amavasya). This medicine is purely Ayurvedic medicine and neither an insecticide nor a pesticide hence the recommended advice to avoid the insects and pests is to use this medicine from the beginning instead of using in the middle of the season.
  8. 8. Experienced Farmers of Shiv Sanjivani Mr.TukaramNangare (Hingoli) VithhalVyavahare (Latur)
  9. 9. Experienced Farmers of Shiv Sanjivani BalajiPatil (Osmanabad) SudhakarDeshmukh (Yeotmal)
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