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This presentation gives you an insight on how online freight matching loadboards work. helps you in the process by making the process simple and intuitive. not only helps you find load matches for your trucks but it also helps you find freight for your air cargo and sea vessels. It is working to make multi modal transport matching a possibility. has an array of tools viz. Fleet Maintenance, Freight Calculator, Mileage Calculator, Free Listing Search, Fuel Cost Calculator.


<ul><li> 1. Shipmefast </li> <li> 2. What is Ship Me Fast? Internet based freight matching platform Whats That? No Mombo Jumbo Please In Simple Words Through us, You can find loads for your trucks and vice-versa on the Internet </li> <li> 3. Who needs it? I NEED A TRUCK FOR MY LOAD BOTH NEED TO FIND EACH OTHER I NEED A LOAD FOR MY FREE TRUCKS CARRIER/ TRANSPORTER </li> <li> 4. Its probably way too complicated.. No Wayits just 1, 2 &amp; 3 And you can Call 9696 94 3311 for 24X7 support </li> <li> 5. 1. POST 2. FIND 3. TRANSPORT 3 Simple Steps with </li> <li> 6. POST Posting is synonymous to advertising or letting other people in the business know that you have a free truck or a free load. The happy part: With us Posting is FREE Get instant Lead Matches as soon as you post. No more waiting for Backhauls. Post in advance and simply get timely deals. </li> <li> 7. FIND Search for loads and trucks round the clock Search with an easy to use form, get instant matching results Get company information, exchange documents using the My Docs feature Record useful notes as soon as you transact Sort results to get best rates and results based on age of post. </li> <li> 8. TRANSPORT Convert your lead matches into deals over the phone or mail. (Introducing Chat very soon) Reduced waiting times for your trucks and loads Competitive rates and an open market Use power features like Truck/Load Availability to get full information of hot and cold zones. </li> <li> 9. How does it work? So how does it really work? Post load on Load details: Origin and Destination, Load Material, Vehicle Type, No of Drops, Load Size (Partial/Full) Load Weight, Maximum Pay rate Post Trucks on Truck details: Origin and Destination, Travel Radius, Available date, Vehicle type, Minimum Distance, Minimum Pay rate, Load Size, Trailer weight, Trailer Length BOTH CAN SEARCH EACH OTHER THROUGH SEARCH OPTION </li> <li> 10. So Whats the BIG DEAL with it? Transporters have all the load info on their computer screens More choice of loads, More efficient use of trucks, More profitable deals only, More profits, More money Simple Search specific to your trucks and location-Keep your trucks running Ever heard of the term back hauling? Well, that is taken care of. A LOT OF BUSINESS </li> <li> 11. So, whats wrong with the old School? Transporter1: 100 trucks sometimes all of them in use while sometimes half of them unused Transporter2: Some deals are not that profitable as others but have no choice Transporter3: Truck goes 2000 km loaded and come back empty half way Transporter4: It would be much better if we knew the future loads in advance Transporter5: I would be more relieved if I know all my trucks are going to be busy in coming months </li> <li> 12. Final Word Log on Today Call us 24X7 96 96 94 33 11 </li> </ul>