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Keynote for Games for Change 2013 The world of educational games is changing, and we cannot understand it without understanding the psychology of education.


  • Sheep, Goats,and theFuture of EducationJesse SchellGames for Change 2013
  • Can Games Educate?
  • How Do Games Fit Into Education?
  • Everything is changing! Standards Technology Delivery Systems Economic Models Students Parents The World
  • + =PsychologyTechnology Destiny
  • Do what theyre told Do what they wantTwo Types of Learners
  • A society of sheep means a society easilymanipulated by advertising a society willing to acceptwhat is provided fewer entrepreneurs
  • 1. Anyone Can Design a Great Game2. All of us Together are Better Designers thanany of us Alone3. The More we all Share, the Smarter we allBecome
  • Goat Paradise!
  • I have no specialtalents, I am onlypassionatelycurious.Albert Einstein
  • Fear ApathyCuriosity
  • CuriosityInsightWonderThe cure forboredom iscuriosityThere is nocure forcuriosity.
  • Some Thoughts On Education (1692)Johnathan LockeI have always had a fancythat learning might be madea play and recreation tochildren
  • Its not that American schools do anything special toteach creativity its just that they are less efficient atstamping it out.
  • Who wants your goatware?Parents? Kids? Administrators?
  • Who wants your goatware?Teachers!
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