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High Level Implementation Roadmap

SharePoint, The Semantic Web, Serendipity, Search & Metadata

The sound of Big Data clappingThe Social Media Revolution

And Why Is It Clapping Like This?Now, lets turn to the

I cant find all the information I need to get the job done.

When new employees join the business its difficult to direct them to a single place where they can find useful information about how the business runs and how to do their job.

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SEARCHOrganizational data is growing exponentially

Typically each years data is larger than all previous years combined. Storing this data is expensive

100% increase in data does not equate to a 100% increase in information

Were suffering from the law of diminishing returnsAlmost all organizations have this problem:What If The Enterprise Used Web Technologies Like Those We Enjoy in the Consumer SpaceIts easier to find information on the Web than it is at work!

Reliance on manual metadata tagging.Whats the Current Landscape?

Please add metadata.

14The Wisdom of the CrowdSo hows everybody else doing it?CrowdsourcingOpen Data SetsWeb 3.0The Semantic Web

Can you match the metadata with the person?17

Your users will always upload important content.

Your users will always tag content.

Your users will not upload duplicate content.

We no longer suffer from diminishing returns.

In A Perfect WorldDocuments stored in SharePoint arent always accessed and re-used.

Users are reluctant to add metadata to documents.

The behavioral change around using search in a structured way is often difficult to achieve.

SharePoint ROI is lower than it could be.

But, In the Real WorldSo how do we automate metadata?


Standard SharePoint Document Library

No metadata in the Enterprise Keywords Column

?Using Serendipity for SharePoint

The Enterprise Keywords Column is automatically populated with metadataAuto-tagging

Simplicity and enhanced findabilityAuto tagging is easier than enforcing users to add metadata before checking in contentUse various Pages to render relevant content Content Target AudienceImproved User Adoption of uploading content to Content Intelligence over Big ContentSearching by refined tagsAllow Term Store Managers to build enterprise taxonomiesWhat's this Enterprise Metadata worth to the business user?Use OOTB features in SharePoint that allows us to represent and visualize the content for different audiencesWeb Parts Usage: Content Query, Content Filters, Content SearchAdd Library Web Parts (Apps) to pages and add sort/filtersKey Filters to filter out tags in large unstructured librariesUse Search Refiners to filter results by TagsSort filter in the library itself

How is Enterprise Metadata useful in SharePoint?Use Library Key Filters without having users input metadata

Using Search Refiners to filter through contentRefine by content Tags from Enterprise Keywords

29How it worksLibrary and Uploading contentPages and Web Parts UseSearch

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