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Examine Microsoft's cloud strategy from a SharePoint administration perspective and understand how a hybrid scenario can be structured to maximize the on-premises, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and cloud capabilities. We will discuss planning and implementation across the hybrid stack.


  • 1. SharePoint Hybrid ScenariosJason Himmelstein Senior Technical Director, SharePoint Atrion Networking Corporation @sharepointlhorn Event Title1

2. Senior Technical Director, SharePoint at Atrion Microsoft vTSP virtual Technology Solutions Professional SharePoint Foundation Logger Blog: Twitter: @sharepointlhorn LinkedIn: SlideShare: Email: Author of Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint 3. Agenda AHistory LessonWhat Whyis hybridshould you consider hybridPlanningEvent Title3for hybrid scenarios 4. SharePoint EvolutionEvent Title 5. Cloud EvolutionEvent Title 6. What is hybrid? Fromthe most authoritative sourceWikipedia Hybrid(biology), an offspring resulting from crossbreeding Hybridelectric vehicle, a vehicle using both internal combustion and electric power sources Hybrid(mythology), a creature combining body parts of two or more species Hybridcomputer, a computer combining analog and digital featuresEvent Title6 7. To understand hybrid, First we must understand what Microsoft is up to Event Title7 8. Microsofts answer to what is hybrid? Split UserSplit WorkloadAn organization splitting users within a workload between OnPremises and OnlineUsers on any of the workloads in the cloud while using other workloads On-PremisesEvent Title8 9. The Microsoft story Acloud first strategy Flexibility On-Premisescustomization Significantfootprint in Remote locations Regulatoryreasons ManageabilityEvent Title9 10. Drivers for Cloud Adoption IT Agility The ability to instantly provision new hardware for new opportunities or respond quickly to business demand can be a competitive advantage.Focus Focusing less on infrastructure leaves more time for improving the success of the business through better IT. More on Innovation and less on Infrastructure.Economics Cloud Computing lowers the cost of delivering IT and increases the utilization and efficiency of your data center.Event Title 11. Microsofts Big Picture for the Cloud Cloud Optimize Every Business: 1.At all times be the leading public cloud service provider with Office 3652.Make private cloud and platform servers the best path to benefitting from Windows AzurePUBLICPRIVATEEvent Title 12. Now I understand what Microsoft is up toWhat do I really need to know? Event Title12 13. What is Hybrid SharePoint Hybridis where more than one topology exists in a single environment Examples: SharePoint on-premises & SharePoint in Azure IaaSSharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2013 on-premises13SharePoint on-premises & Office 365Event TitleSharePoint on-premises & hosted SharePointSharePoint Development, Test & Production 14. Why Hybrid SharePoint Distribute Leverage SecurityEvent Title14efficiencies in scalingof your perimeter Maximize Lowerworkloads to appropriate localesthe IT spendtotal cost of ownership 15. Maintain Hybrid Model Managementof usersADFS for Office 365Domain trustsRead-only Domain Controllers Picka horse and ride it Event Title15Provide workload services on-premises or online Determine your workload & data governance plans 16. The flavors of cloud On premises Infrastructure PlatformSoftware(as a service)(as a service)(as a service)Applications DataDataRuntimeRuntimeMiddlewareMiddlewareO/SO/SVirtualizationVirtualizationServersServersStorageStorageNetworkingEvent TitleApplicationsNetworking 17. Planning hybrid workload placement Existing customizations stay on-premises New development Extranet placement Emerging technology that is cloud-first Social capabilities Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Disaster Recovery RTORPOBackups User locale Integration with other systems Event Title17 18. Hybrid Administration roles SharePoint Online Administration SharePoint On-Premises Administration Credential Administration SharePoint Apps Administration SQL Administration SDLC Administration Site Collection Administration DNS Administration UX GovernanceEvent Title 19. Other considerations Businessare getting Office 365 in their Enterprise Agreements at lowered costs Azure ITIaaS costs for MSDN subscribers is lowcommoditization is not just a fad PowerShellmanagement across on-prem, Azure & Office 365Event Title19 20. What do you need for Cloud Hybrid Singlesign-on Server-to-server(S2S) authentication (AKA OAuth) allows cross-farm resource access and sharing Federatedsearch, BCS, Duet (?) S2S trustO365contosojdoeOn-premisesSharePoint Online Hybrid for 2013 User accesses separate farms with their AD credentials (cross-farm integration) Event Title 21. What else do I need to know? ActiveDirectory Federation Services (ADFS) WindowsAzure PowerShell SharePoint OnlineADFS21AzureEvent TitleSharePointSQL Server 22. Senior Technical Director, SharePoint at Atrion Microsoft vTSP virtual Technology Solutions Professional SharePoint Foundation Logger Blog: Twitter: @sharepointlhorn LinkedIn: SlideShare: Email: Author of Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint