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Project by AIESEC in Ljubljana (Slovenia) -> APPLY!


<ul><li><p>The projects main goal will be to teach the </p><p>students soft skills, make them gain self-</p><p>confidence, and gain insight into what path </p><p>they want to take in their future. </p><p>The volunteer is a part of the Shape your future </p><p>project in Slovenia for high school students, </p><p>encouraging them to challenge their own fears, </p><p>stepping out of their comfort zone and inspiring them </p><p>to become the brilliant speaker, high achiever, leader, </p><p>team-worker, and much more, that we know they </p><p>could be</p><p>WHAT IS </p><p>IT ABOUT?</p></li><li><p>Name of the Organization: AIESEC LJUBLJANA </p><p>Profile: Teacher/facilitator for high school students </p><p>Days of Work: Monday to Friday, weekends are free but include workshop preparations, in between the two camps 1 week free for travelling</p><p>Hours of Daily Work: around 8 hours per day, </p><p>Available Dates of Exchange: From 21st June till 31st July </p><p>BASIC INFORMATION:</p></li><li><p>Promote positive values, establish a good relationship of affection and communication with high school students in order to develop mutual trust and then </p><p>inspire and encourage them. </p><p>Spread cultural awareness, show the variety of worlds cultures and share the idea of cultural tolerance. </p><p>Work with other volunteers to prepare soft-skills workshops, round tables based around global topics and dilemmas, and presentations about many different </p><p>academic paths.</p><p>Teach high school students and facilitate. </p><p>Final report of the concluded work. </p><p>VOLUNTEER TASKS/JOB DESCRIPTION</p></li><li><p>REQUIREMENTS FOR THE APPLICANT</p><p>Bring cultural material of her or his country (flags, pictures, brochures, traditional food).</p><p>Good knowledge of English language.</p><p>Interest in working with high school students. </p><p>Knowledge of youth dynamics and soft skills.</p><p>Knowledge of how to engage students in the prepared activities and motivating them to step out of their comfort zones. </p></li><li><p>Accommodation</p><p>Transportation from the airport and back</p><p>1 week of preparation for the work</p><p>1-2 meals per day</p><p>Help with all bureaucracy matter</p><p>WHAT DO WE PROVIDE?</p></li><li><p>Passport</p><p>Student card Health insurance</p><p>Monthly bus ticket (the </p><p>volunteer covers the cost himself </p><p>2 eur for the card and 20 eurfor the monthly </p><p>ticket)</p><p>DOCUMENTS NEEDED:</p></li><li><p>Working in a dynamic </p><p>environment during summer holidays with like-minded individuals </p><p>from Slovenia and elsewhere.</p><p>Spending time inspiring and </p><p>encouraging young people through fun </p><p>activities, interesting </p><p>workshops and intriguing round </p><p>tables.</p><p>Gaining meaningful </p><p>experience of working with young people </p><p>as well as working in </p><p>AIESEC.</p><p>Getting the opportunity </p><p>to be creative, </p><p>innovative and to think out of the </p><p>box. </p><p>BENEFITS</p></li><li><p>Shape Your Future OCP</p><p>Monika Panovska</p><p></p><p>CONTACT US</p><p>LCPLiza Dobrovoljc</p><p>E-mail:</p><p>VP iGCDPLara Arzenek</p><p>E-mail:</p></li><li><p>APPLY!! </p><p></p></li></ul>


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