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  • 1. Shankar Freight Logistics Pvt. Cargo Players Ltd.02/22/14

2. ABOUT US Shankar F reight L ogistics (P L deals in multiple ) td., activities like clearance of exports, imports and services related, there in since, 2004. The company runs with most dedicated, efficient, diligent and professional workforce. Ours professionalism, International Experience, Corporate philosophy and through excellent relationship with all major air/sea carriers, we handle all cargo problems with ease, versatility and speed. 02/22/14 3. OUR SERVICES02/22/14 4. Our Vision...... SFL has a vision to provide most innovative Freight Services capable of providing value added solutions to its Customers.02/22/14 5. COMMITMENT We are committed to achieve complete customer satisfaction by maintaining a high level of consistency in providing trustworthy services to our esteemed customers. Our sophisticated system of working backed by rich resources enable us to provide speedy services and to maintain a lasting business relationship with our clients.02/22/14 6. Our Strategies Enhance our Service level of the Core business to maintain leadership in the field. Continuously enhance our Domestic and International Network to expand our reach worldwide. Using all management tools and quality tools to optimize and to provide high class service to our customers as well as global agents. 02/22/14 7. Custom House AgentSF experienced staff clear consignments quickly Land efficiently with our customs-clearance network. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs department. We handle all import & export Shipment requirements. We determined to offer our customers total solutions for their custom related requirements02/22/14 8. We are one of the major Consolidators of United Kingdom. We provide complete logistics solution, if required; including door-to-door services right from factory/warehouse to the warehouse at the clients destination. We offer most economical freight rates encompassing all types of cargo- both by air and sea.02/22/14 9. London New York Delhi Mumbai Chennai Brazil02/22/14 10. We would like to Hear from you & solve all your Logistics Needs.Thanks 02/22/14