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  • 1. Shamanic Practitioner & The Soul Retrieval Experience

2. The shamans believe that in times of trouble, parts of the soul break away and live in the underworld. People are then forced to go through life piecing back the broken parts of their soul. The shamanic practitioner calls this process soul retrieval. However, I believe that this process cannot be done in just one lifetime. I believe that we keep coming back, occupying a physical body, until our souls are complete. This is the process known as the soul retrieval experience.Obatala is the Orisha who rules over the soul in the Yoruba pantheon. Other people may be more familiar with Osiris in Egyptian studies, or Jesus Christ in Christian religions. Obatala is the architect who works with billions of puzzle pieces. He understands our purpose and our calling. He will guide us, giving us the correct puzzle pieces needed to evolve and to serve humanity. Obatala knows that it is our calling that ties our life together and gives us a sense of connectedness with our past and previous lives. Weve all had those aha moments and the epiphanies that changed our lives forever. Weve all been stuck on a problem, only to have someone come into our lives and solve it right away. Weve all had those moments when we are frustrated and right when we are about to give up, we hear something or see something that inspire us. Suddenly, we have the missing piece and everything clicks and comes together. This is evolution. We are all going through life looking for the missing pieces that complete our soul. 3. Obatala can see the finished project before anybody else can. He will work to guide you from within. You know that you are on the right track when you have a burning desire toward someone or something. Desire is power seeking to be manifested. Just think about desire and passion as the edges of your puzzle. They are pretty simple and straightforward.However, as you progress, the puzzle of your soul will get a lot more complicated. The number one mistake that people make when piecing their soul together is trying to make pieces fit. If the pieces dont go in easily, then that means that they dont belong in that position. Just remember, you are on the right path when you produce the best results with the least possible effort. 4. It is not about being a hard-worker, or about being lazy for that matter. For no one is naturally lazy. People are naturally productive when they are doing something that they are truly passionate about. And people are naturally loving and respectful when they are with someone they are truly passionate about. People are discouraged when they ignore their desires. When they ignore and resist their calling, they are literally cutting off their flow of energy. Obatala will no longer send them any pieces, and they will experience failure in the worst possible way. They will become trapped by their own inability to express their desires. It is a lot easier to succeed than it is to fail. You have to work hard to fail, whereas to succeed you only have to let go. You dont want to force your puzzle pieces to fit. Besides, you dont want to get halfway through your puzzle and realize that it is all-wrong. This is what really sucks about failure. You have to go back and retrace your steps and figure out what you did wrong, and what pieces didnt fit. There is a reason why Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times before he was able to put together all the pieces to invent the light bulb. This is because the slightest variation wouldnt work. 5. He had to find the exact match. Our souls are very much the same way. We have to find the exact match, the perfect piece in order to finish our puzzle. This will allow us to evolve, follow our calling and serve humanity. Just know that every thought, idea, dream that you have is a message from God.TextWhen you meet someone, and there is a spark, two pieces of your puzzle have just been connected. When you get that promotion at your job, more pieces of your puzzle have been connected. When you live a life that is full of happiness, bliss, and joy, youve successfully pieced back together your soul. 6. Listen To It Now! 7. Listen To It Now!


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