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Achieve the natural look with this warm and welcoming kitchen that unites a simple design with the beauty of natural oak.


  • 1. Shaker Kitchen Designs

2. Shaker Kitchen DesignsBuying a new shaker kitchen?Buying a new kitchen is possibly one of theBroadoak Natural KitchenBroadoak Ivory Kitchenbiggest decisions youll ever have to make whendeciding to renovate your home.Your kitchen will be used many times a day andits quite possibly a room that people will have towalk through to get to other rooms in the home,so its important that you are 100% sure that thekitchen you choose, not only pleases you nowbut will do in years to come.You are the designer!If you are after a Shaker kitchen then there area few design ideas for you on this page. Dontforget that these are just ideas and you can Broadoak Alabaster Kitchen Broadoak Sanded Kitchencompletely design your own kitchen!Simply measure up your kitchen to work out thespace that you need to fill, choose the units thatfit into your shaped kitchen, dont forget thatyour oven and fridge can fit into these units, andorder what you need in the style that you like!Watch our short 90 second video on measuringup your kitchen here...DIY Kitchens - 26a Lidgate Crescent, Langthwaite Grange Industrial Estate, South Kirkby, Pontefract, W.Yorks, WF9 3NR. Tel: 01977 608 418 | Email: 3. Online kitchens are cheaperDIY Kitchens sell shaker kitchens online only,Broadoak Painted KitchenLyndon Kitchenwhich makes us a lot cheaper that the high streetstores. If you want to see just how cheap we are,price up the kitchen units that you need on ourwebsite and then go and get a quote from one ofthe stores on the high street, youll be surprisedwith just how much youll save with us!Choose your kitchen fitterOnce you have designed and ordered yourkitchen units, they will be delivered to you fromDIY Kitchens in 2-3 weeks. You can then choosea kitchen fitter of your choice to fit the kitchen.If you fancy having a go at fitting your own Langham Painted KitchenMilbourne Alabaster Kitchenkitchen then we have a YouTube channel thatgives lots of help and advice on how to do this.Click the icon below to view the videos.DIY Kitchens - 26a Lidgate Crescent, Langthwaite Grange Industrial Estate, South Kirkby, Pontefract, W.Yorks, WF9 3NR. Tel: 01977 608 418 | Email: 4. DIY Kitchens 26a Lidgate Crescent,Langthwaite Grange Industrial Estate, South Kirkby,Pontefract, W.Yorks, WF9 3NR.Visit us Telephone01977 608 418Email sales@diy-kitchens.comDIY Kitchens is a family run business that has been manufacturing high specificationkitchens since 1982. Our history lies in supplying premium high street retailers throughout the UK.Our promise - If you find any like for like products cheaper elsewhere we willbeat it by a further 5%.


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