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How to set up your Google Drive if you're using Google Apps for Education


  • 1. Setting Up Your Google Drive @SeanHCole

2. 1. Open a new Google search page. If you are using Internet Explorer, it will look slightly different, but these steps will still apply. 3. 2. Click here 3. Then click here 4. 4. Login You should change this password as soon as possible. Change password by clicking at the top right of your screen once you have logged in, and then go to Security 5. Ive arranged my drive like this. 01 Skills to 06 Geo Grade 12 are folders into which I drag the folders my students have shared with me and into which they save their assignments. 07 Resources contains the folders I share with my students past papers, enrichment, etc. More on sharing later! 5. Click Create and choose Folder. Repeat as necessary. You can create sub-folders by first clicking the folder you want to create sub-folders in and then creating a new folder 6. 6. Add content: First click on the folder you want to copy files into Then open Windows Explorer Find the files you want, select them and copy them 7. Paste your files in this area A pop up window will appear telling you how much of the upload has been completed. With our fast new internet, this should be quite quick! 7. 8) Heres how to share a resources folder with students: Right click the folder you want to share 9) Click Share 8. 10) Choose this option (Students can only access files when they are logged on to the your domain) 9. 11. Select and copy this URL 12. Click here 10. 13) Paste URL copied previously here and click shorten url 14) Copy the shortened URL which will appear here and share with your students 11. STUDENTS SHOULD ALSO CREATE A FOLDER TO SHARE WITH YOU. THEY DO IT THE SAME WAY YOU JUST DID ALMOST Students click Create and choose Folder. Students will name this folder: Class Name Subject. Example: 8C John Smith English 12. Students should choose this option and enter your Google Apps for Education gmail address Students should change this to CAN EDIT