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  • [Session 3571] Secrets to Success: Deploying an Expert Assistant based on IBM Watson AI and Kubernetes for Workday —

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Frank Chang frank.chang@workday.com Senior Software Applications Engineer, Workday

    Bryan Daniel bryand@us.ibm.com Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, IBM Global Cloud Acceleration Team (GCAT)

  • Welcome!

    2Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Frank Chang frank.chang@workday.com

    Workday on Workday (WoW) Tech Team

    Personal Fun Fact: Avid snowboarder who likes to take his

    kids down black diamonds.

    Bryan Daniel bryand@us.ibm.com

    IBM Global Cloud Acceleration Team

    Personal Fun Fact: Maintain saltwater reef aquariums as a hobby

  • Agenda

    3Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Vision & Journey Demo Architecture Business Impact

  • Our Wex (Workday Expert) Vision

    4Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Develop an extensible, end-to-end Assistant experience inclusive of all Workday domains that works “out of the box” for our Workmates:

    1.Answers workmate questions with useful and well-crafted responses

    2.Directs workmates to resources where they can reference additional information

    3. Leverage our Workmates natural workspace 4.Responses are optimized with machine learning 5. Experience that is rooted in Workday’s culture

  • Meet Wex

    5Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Wex is a scout dog. He's fun, empathetic, and trustworthy. Wex is casual and playful, but always respectful in providing guidance on a wide range of employee questions, concerns, and expectations. He’s constantly learning new tricks and enthusiastically applying new skills to guide workmates through their moments that matter.








    Pleasanton, CA

    Workday Expert

    Bulldog, Bullmastiff,

    Lab, Rottweiler









    I’m Wex, your Workday Expert.

    I’m constantly learning new

    things and I’m here to help you

    with your HR questions.

  • Wex’s Journey at Workday

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    User Context Persona Flags

    Application, Data, and AI for Natural Language Processor


    Natural Workspace

    + +

  • Wex’s Journey to the IBM Cloud

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Learned Kubernetes, Docker, IBM Cloud. We worked closely with our IBM partners (i.e. IBM GCAT – Global Cloud Acceleration Team)

    Wex launch to U.S. based Workmates!

    Align with Partners: • Workday on Workday (WoW) • Security • Privacy & Compliance • HR Ops • Product • Legal

    Prototyped a POC… Gained approval from Security, Privacy, Ethics, Compliance, and Legal

    Working with Workday HR Ops, we defined our product MVP & gathered additional requirements

    Developed, Tested and Iterated...

    Communicated, marketed, built brand awareness around Wex. Piloted Wex in New Hire Orientation

  • Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation


  • Wex Architecture – Built on IBM Cloud

    Think 2020

    • IBM Container Registry

    • IKS Cluster deployed into an IBM Multizone Region (MZR)

    • IBM managed master nodes

    • Private endpoints to IBM Managed Cloud Services (i.e. Watson, Redis, Logging, Monitoring, etc.)

  • Wex Architecture – Deploying Our Code

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Leveraged our on-premise GitHub repo with with IBM Cloud CLI tools to manage our code and deployment scripts.

  • Wex Architecture – Monitoring and Logging

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    IBM Cloud provided monitoring and logging tools

    Easily add to your cluster

    Define custom views and alerts

  • Training Watson

    Think 2020

  • Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Business Impact

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Business Impact

  • US Tier 1 Requests Year Over Year

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Wex Launched on October 22nd, 2019

    In 2019, we had ~2,000 more employees but thanks to Wex had a reduced number of Tier 1 requests.

  • Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Business Impact

    Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    What’s Next?

  • Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    People & Purpose


    Multi-Region (Global)

    Information Security

    Workplace & Safety

    Wex Extensibility

    Expanding our current Multizone NA deployment to a Multi-Regional global deployment, leveraging IBM

    Cloud data centers.

  • In Summary

    17Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    • Paired technology with a personality, and involved multiple lines-of-business to ensure wide adoption

    • Leveraged IBM Cloud Services to ensure rapid prototyping, development, and deployment to production - IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Kubernetes Services, IBM Cloud Database, IBM Monitoring and Logging - IBM PaaS minimizes the effort needed by Workday Team to manage the environment

    • IBM provides a wealth of resources to help get started, like the IBM Global Cloud Acceleration Team (GCAT)

    Technical Lessons Learned

    1. For conversational interactions (Watson Assistant), plan your intent architecture from the beginning. 2. If using IKS, get familiar with concepts such as deployments, pods, services, replication controllers and leverage the built-in resources

    provided by the IBM Cloud (i.e. Container Registry Services, Load Balancers, Multi-zone regions for HA)

    3. Leverage repeatable deployment processes. IBM provides Terraform, Schematics, and CI/CD Toolchains.

    4. Monitoring and Logging is a must, especially when you have many different pods running in your cluster. Add the name of your service or pod to your log output to help maintain sanity. IBM Cloud provides logging and monitoring services that integrate with Kubernetes and PaaS services.

  • IBM Cloud: The most open and secure public cloud for business

    18IBM Cloud / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Open Innovation

    ⎻ API Services that are cloud delivered

    ⎻ Kubernetes on IBM Cloud: 1k+ clients, 19k+ clusters in production

    ⎻ Major contributor to cloud native open source work: Istio, Knative, Razee, etc.

    ⎻ Highest compliance for data encryption

    ⎻ Configurable so that even IBM cannot see your data

    ⎻ Edge-to-cloud threat management with IBM security integration

    ⎻ #1 VMware public cloud 2,000 clients

    ⎻ Cloud migration for Power AIX, IBM i, Z, SAP and mission critical

    ⎻ Broadest portfolio of compute instances, including Power & X86

    Security Leadership

    Enterprise Grade

    Highest level of Encryption FIPS 140-2 Level 4

    Isolation for Cloud Native ROKS & Containers on BareMetal

    No Data Egress Charges with IBM Cloud Database Significantly Lower TCO

    No Cost Bandwidth b/w Regions Significantly lower TCO

    Integrated IaaS & PaaS Enhanced Availability SLAs HA: 99.99%, Non-HA: 99.9%

    Higher SLA payouts vs Market 25% of monthly @ 60 min

    Audit Transparency Traceable Serial number compliance

    Full Control to the metal level Full admin control of compute

    World's First Financial Services-Ready Public Cloud With Bank of America

    Customer Choice Award for Cloud IaaS

    Stratus Award for User ExperienceGood Design Award for VPC

    Good Design Award for API Connect

    2019 IBM Winners

  • The highest ratings for Integration & Deployment: 4.6 out of 5 stars

    The highest ratings for Customer Willingness to Recommend: 95%

    The highest ratings for Security & Compliance: 4.7 out of 5 stars

    The leading overall Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

    19 Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates. https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/public-cloud-iaas/vendor/ibm/product/ibm-cloud

    IBM Cloud: Highest Customer Ratings on Gartner Peer Insights IBM Cloud Received the Highest Overall Customer Rating among Leading Cloud Providers for the last 12 months, as of 28 Feb 2020, based on 84 reviews. Customers rated IBM Cloud above AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.


  • Thank you

    20Think 2020 / © 2020 IBM Corporation

    Frank Chang

    Sr. Software Applications Engineer



    Bryan Daniel

    Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect


    IBM Global Cloud Acceleration Team (GCAT)

  • Notices and disclaimers

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    © 2020 International Business Machines Corporation. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in


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