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Regional Boards Webinar 18 th June 2013. Service Delivery Directorate. IT Accreditation Customer Service Digital Delivery. Focus for today’s presentation. Customer Service Delivery. Unified customer services department Review and set new service standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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    Customer Service

    Digital DeliveryService Delivery DirectorateFocus for todays presentationRegional Boards Webinar 18th June 2013

  • Customer Service DeliveryUnified customer services department

    Review and set new service standards

    Proactively seeking the views of our customers

    Working towards the golden record to enable accurate delivery and identification of growth opportunities

  • Customer Services - the picture on the lidputting our customers at the centre of the way we think and all that we domulti channel develop and promote 24/7 self service/help as channel of choiceTeam available [9am-5pm] Mon-Fri

    defined service standards and published customer charterright first time resolve at first contacttailored and flexible to meet customer needsall CMI service ambassadorsmeasured and accountable

    simple documented processesintegrated & automateddata quality custodianagile, flexible, scalableLean - eliminating waste

    positive relationships built on excellent service enables:better retentionOpportunity identificationwe understand customers motivationswe learn from all interactionswe continuously improve

  • CMI Customer CharterLaunched in June 2013

    Collaborative approach taken to generate version 1

    Now available at the base of every page of

    The Charter:

    Outlines how customers can contact us

    What they can expect from us

    How to provide us with their ideas, suggestions and thoughts

    How we will handle complaints

    Can you help us with version 2?

    All thoughts welcome to by 10th July please

  • See CMI through our customers eyesKey measures:Net Promoter ScoreCustomer RetentionVery Satisfied with customer serviceMonthly Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

    MembersCentresLearnersEmployersVoice of the customer non survey feedback and follow up action:

  • Golden RecordsPurpose

    Enables more accurate data insight and trend analysisEnables better segmentation and targeting of communicationsEnables better reporting

    Should result in

    Better generation and conversion of leadsImproved customer retention due to more personal customer experience

    Defined fields of information that if we have for a customer gives us the best possible chance of continuing to do business with themHow will we get this data:

    Online profileFirst log in prioritises key golden fieldsEmbed link in all commsCampaigns to drive completion incentivisedMerlinNew easy interface for Golden Record completion what is missing and single screen entry

  • Self ServiceMembership Self Service

    Online joining rewritten fully automated launched March 2013Online profile launched May 2013Online renewal August 2013Online upgrade due in 2013

  • Presentation agenda:

    Digital delivery supporting the growth strategy overview

    Meeting digital objectives (year 1)

    Supporting the regions online

    Digital Delivery

  • Creating a route to market that allows CMI to penetrate target sectors

    Delivering transactional capability to drive new and incremental revenue

    Driving a reduction in operational costs; self service infrastructure

    Gaining insight and market intelligence

    Promoting the CMI brand

    Digital delivery is intended to support the growth plan by:

    Digital delivery is central to sales & marketing, service delivery and customer relationship management.

  • Supporting the growth planGrowth Plan

    Sector focus

    Improve cost effectiveness of RTM

    Grow customer numbers


    Increase sales of content

    Improved business processesDigital Delivery

    Micro-sites, lead capture

    Reduce costly face to face selling

    UK & international reach

    CRM techniques delivered in real time

    Checklists and online toolkits

    Digitising processes (membership administration)

  • Deployment of a new Content Management System and eCommerce platformUnified Solutions Ltd chosen as preferred supplier (following RFP & pitch)Well established and scalable platformExperience in delivering similar projects

    Redesign the customer website architecture, navigation and aesthetics focus on employers, learning organisations and members

    Migration of content and key features

    Integration with member database, Merlin

    Community platform and toolset

    Customer engagement converting visitors to customersMeeting digital objectives phase 1

  • Project plan phase 1November launch

    Q1 2013Q2 2013Q3 2013Project kick off 3rd party selection Architecture SpecificationsDesign Concepts Approval CMS TrainingQA & Testing- Web Development Site build QALaunch- Go live

  • Supporting the Regions online phase 1Introduction to the RegionWho should be involvedWhy involvement is importantHow to get involved; online and face to face

    Whos Who in the RegionBoard member profilesContact details

    Regional NewsManagement news feedUser generated news

    Diary dates

    Event supportBooking facilityPhoto shareVideo (where possible)Webinars

    CommunityDiscussion forumsRegional and specialist groupsUser profilesSocial media integration increasing reach

    Central resource repositoryPresentations, minutes, documents etc

  • Phase 1...Clean up operation of branch pages 66 pages from the old branch network set-up532 members of the Branch Management Team NetworkCommunity posts dating back to December 08A point of contact within Digital Delivery for any issuesGuidelines provided on creating events, creating and answering community posts etcAdministration rights to your area (but not publishing)Quarterly review and report of consumption of online services in each region

    Phase 2...Look to work with you to define future online requirementsone idea is an online mentoring serviceSupporting the regions online (continued)

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