septicemia (blood infection) - edgar cayce definition: septicemia is an infection of the blood often

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    SEPTICEMIA (Blood Infection)

    A compilation of Extracts

    from the Edgar Cayce Readings

    Edgar Cayce Readings Copyrighted by Edgar Cayce Foundation

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    Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2014 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation


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    There are in truth no incurable conditions…. 3744-2

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    Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2014 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation



    Contents Pages A. Introduction to the Edgar Cayce Readings on Health and Healing 6 B. Case Studies from the Readings:

    1. Reading # 23-10, 27-yr-old woman [possible miscarriage] 10

    2. Reading # 324-9, 9-yr-old girl [injection after effects] 12 3. Reading # 325-71, 63-yr-old woman [cancer, lung sepsis] 15

    4. Reading # 399-1, adult woman [precautions before surgery] 21 5. Reading # 533-1→3, 23-yr-old man [abdominal adhesion] 22

    6. Reading # 548-1, 23-yr-old woman [elimination issues] 35

    7. Reading # 670-2→4, 19-yr-old boy [mule bite] 39

    8. Reading # 677-1, 2, 51-yr-old woman [glandular] 45

    9. Reading # 717-1, 33-yr-old woman [childbirth after effects] 52

    10. Reading # 755-1, adult woman [prolapsed colon] 57

    11. Reading # 900-388→392, 33-yr-old man [sinusitis] 61

    12. Reading # 943-17, 40-yr-old man [appendicitis] 69

    13. Reading # 1824-1, 82-yr-old woman [dying] 72

    14. Reading # 1936-1, 73-yr-old man [liver/kidney incoordination] 74

    15. Reading # 2018-3, adult man [kidney inflammation] 76

    16. Reading # 2295-1→3, 70-yr-old man [injury after effects] 78

    17. Reading # 2623-1, 46-yr-old man [injuries after effects] 83

    18. Reading # 2631-1, 24-yr-old woman [uremia] 87

    19. Reading # 2748-1→5, adult man [spine, intestinal, surgery] 88

    20. Reading # 3278-1, 12-yr-old girl [bullet wound after effects] 95

    21. Reading # 4363-1, adult man [colon impaction; hemorrhage] 98

    22. Reading # 4799-1, 27-yr-old woman [pelvic disorders] 102

    23. Reading # 4874-3, 55-yr-old man [medication side effects] 105


    Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2014 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation


    24. Reading # 5431-2, 79-yr-old woman [constipation] 108

    25. Reading # 5473-9, 56-yr-old man [neurasthenia] 110

    26. Reading # 5618-17→19, 62-yr-old man [nephritis] 113

    27. Reading # 5656-1, 2, M 80-yr-old man [uremia] 119

    C. Related Circulating Files and Research Bulletins*: 1. Acidity-Alkalinity 2. Appendicitis 3. Kidneys: Uremia 4. Peritonitis 5. Toxemia

    464-31, F 65, 2/21/41 (Q) What is the toxic poisoning and what produces it? (A) As just given. The word toxic itself means poison, but poison is not

    always toxic! When there is the lack of eliminations of used energies, or of refuse or

    carbon as it might be called, or the ash of nerve and muscular forces still left in the system, it becomes toxic poison - or toxemia.

    Toxic poison, then, is that condition in alimentary canal, in liver, kidneys, throughout the circulation repressing the activities - owing to the quantity of ash left from body refuse not eliminated.

    260-1, F 34, 2/4/33 (Q) Will this full treatment relieve the constipation and itching? (A) This will relieve the constipation and itching; that is, provided the diet is

    looked after in the manner that it is kept more alkalin and less of the sweets, see? This gradually changes the hormones in the blood, that relieves those tendencies for irritation from acid reaction - that is the INCLINATION of this body, through the activity of disturbed nerve and blood supply, and blood becoming surcharged with poisons that are prevented from being carried through the whole circulation and being eliminated.

    The manipulations that would be given for the GENERAL system will act more for the correction of the constipation, which is from inflammation through the irritating to the nerve reflexes through the pelvis and colon area, from the condition in the cervix or the organs of the pelvis.

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    Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2014 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation



    Definition: Septicemia is an infection of the blood often caused by bacteria. Sometimes known as blood

    poisoning, the bacteria in the blood release toxins than can have a serious impact on many organ systems. Signs include fever, shaking chills, and heavy sweating. Septicemia often occurs in patients with poor immune systems. Two or more of the following conditions are necessary for septicemia (sepsis) to be diagnosed:

     Body Temperature > 100.4 or < 96.8

     respiratory rate > 20 breaths per minute

     white cell count > 12,000 or < 4000

    Sepsis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

    Sepsis (/ˈsɛpsɨs/; Greek σῆψις, putrefaction and decay) is a potentially fatal whole- body inflammation (a systemic inflammatory response syndrome or SIRS) caused by severe infection. Sepsis can continue even after the infection that caused it is gone. Severe sepsis is sepsis complicated by organ dysfunction. Septic shock is sepsis complicated by a high lactate level or by shock that does not improve after fluid resuscitation. Bacteremia is the presence of viable bacteria in the blood. The term septicemia, the presence of microorganisms or their toxins in the blood, is no longer used by the consensus committee.


    Sepsis causes millions of deaths globally each year. Sepsis is caused by the immune system's response to a serious infection,