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September 2008 - Metro Pet Magazine


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    SEPTEMBER 2008





  • 1030 E. Santa Fe Olathe, KS913.764.4626

    Monday-Saturday 9am-6pmSunday 11am-4pm

    Located just 1/2 mile west of I-35 on Santa Fe Street

    Y Bar H Outpost & Pet, formerly Lloyds Dog and Horse has been serving the metro area for over 20 years.

    We are proud to supply food to the Kansas City Zoo.

    They trust us to feed their animals, you

    can trust us to feed yours!

    Saddles & Saddle Pads

    Halters Headstalls & Bits

    Complete Line of Pet Products!

    Purina Horse Feed

    Jewelry and Gift Items

    Hats & Boots


    Natural and Holistic Food and Treats

    Pet Accessories & Toys

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    In Every Issue4 Welcome Pet Lovers

    Another great issue!

    5 Chips Corner Got Chipped? Identichip can help find your pet.

    10 Dog HoroscopesDo you really know your dog?

    21 Online Photo Contest This months winners of the contest.

    23 Cat HoroscopesHow well do you know your cat?

    31 New Video Clips Check out the video clips at

    33 Ad Index

    34 A Helping HandHumane and rescue group making a difference.

    MetroPet Resources13 US Clean

    26 Woofs Play and Stay

    30 Precious Pets Memorial Center


    Feature Articles6 All Roads Lead Home

    Inspired by a true story.

    8 Military Working Dogs Hard working dogs.

    12 Raw Diets for PetsWill a raw diet work for your pet?

    14 The Postman Rings Twice And other reasons to bark like a maniac.

    16 Understanding Pet Behavior Can you related to your pet?

    20 Air DogsThe joy of flight.

    22 Ask The GroomerTips from a professional groomer.

    24 Cat GroomingHow to keep your cat looking great!

    26 Containment SystemsSaving plants and protecting pets.

    28 Car SafetyProtect your pets while driving in a car.

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    SEPTEMBER 2008

  • Welcome Readers!This issue has some terrific articles every-

    thing from military working dogs to how to build abetter relationship with your animal companion.We also have some great tips about pet food andprotecting your family from disease. Dont missthe review of the new movie All Roads LeadHome, that addresses the no kill theme.

    WHY READ METROPET?MetroPet was created to be a resource for pet

    owners. We provide information and tips for petowners. When you need a trainer, groomer, day care / boarding option or other petcare provider, call our advertisers. You can find them in the magazine or on ourwebsite

    WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT METROPET? Not only are we a high-quality, glossy magazine, but we have a terrific website.

    On our site, you will find links to all our advertisers and video clips.

    WHAT ARE VIDEO CLIPS?Video clips are short movie clips that give you more information on our

    advertisers. Each one offers a brief summary of the services offered. Just go toour home page and click on video clips. This will take you to our clip pageand you can select the individual clip you want to view. These clips are alsorunning on the TV websites for Channel 4, 5, and 9.

    WHERE CAN I FIND METROPET? MetroPet is free and is distributed city-wide. We are in hundreds doctor offices,

    salons, restaurants and coffee shops. You can also find copies at libraries, grocerystores, many CVS stores, many Blockbusters, select 7-Eleven stores, and selectSears / Grand stories. For a list of locations, go to andclick on Get a Copy. You can also view the magazine online, download a copy, or,purchase a magazine subscription for $20. See subscription form on the web oron page 19.

    Thank you for your wonderful feedback. Please keep reading and enjoying!

    Barbara RiedelPublisher

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    4 MetroPet Magazine SEPTEMBER 2008

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    July/August 2008 Corrections

    Off Leash Parks page 26Loose Park, Kansas City, Mo is not an off leash parkA Dogs Fun Playce page 20Is located in Waldo. Hours are Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.

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    WHAT IS A MICROCHIP?A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is

    encoded with a unique, unalterable identificationnumber.

    Most microchips contain only a number. If a pet islost, the number can be read when a scanner ispassed over the microchip. If the pet has been reg-istered to you, then your pet can be returned to you.However, it is essential that you keep your contactinformation up to date.

    Microchip technology is similar to bar code scan-ning and is perfectly safe. Animal shelters, animalcontrol departments, and veterinary clinics areequipped to scan lost pets for microchips to ensuretheir identification and safe return to their owners.

    DOES IT HURT MY PET?The microchipping procedure is quick and most

    pets tolerate it with no fuss. Implanting a microchipis similar to giving an injection. The microchip is

    Got Chipped?inserted below the surface of the skin,between the pets shoulder blades usinga syringe and needle. The procedureonly takes a couple of minutes.

    Many veterinarians and local ani-mal shelters can administer themicrochip for a one-time fee. For specific costs,contact them directly.

    WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? There are several manufacturers of

    microchips. Microchips implanted prior to Fall,2003 are readable by most shelters and veteri-narians. Some microchips implemented afterlate 2003, may not readable by the universalscanners at most shelters and veterinarians.

    For answers to common questions about microchips, talk with your vet-erinarians, call a local shelter or visit the website of The Humane Societyof the United States at see the section on Microchips:Common Questions.





    by: Eric Hacker, Animal Haven


  • 6 MetroPet Magazine September 2008

    All Roads Lead Home

    Hollywood and the Kansas City animal welfarecommunity have found themselves in the uniqueposition of helping one another. All Roads LeadHome, a movie that was shot in Kansas City andinspired by a true story, is scheduled to bereleased September 26. Director, Dennis Fallon,approached No More Homeless Pets KC aboutpartnering to not only promote the movie butalso educate the public about the status of ani-mal welfare in the community.

    WINNER OF BEST FEATURE DRAMAWinner of Best Feature Drama at the

    International Family Film Festival, All RoadsLead Home is a movie that will make you laughand cry. Belle (Vivien Cardone), a 12-year oldgirl, loses her mother in an automobile accident.Rebelling against her father (Jason London), sheis sent to her grandfathers (Peter Coyote) work-ing farm only to find that the animals aredestroyed if they are bred wrong or cant turn aprofit for the farm. Belles work on the farmtransforms the entire family. Life and death takeon new meaning through mysterious pet deaths,budding romance, hidden motivations and thehuman need for love and understanding.

    Gail Longstaff, President of No More HomelessPets KC, is thrilled to have the opportunity towork on this project. This is a heart-warmingfamily film that touches on many issues relatedto animal welfare. Its a great story, told in acompassionate manner that ultimately deliversthe message surrounding the value of life. That iswhat our organization is about valuing thelives of our family pets and striving to ensure thatanimals are given the opportunity to live andthrive in a caring, loving home.

    by: Jennifer Fisher, No More Homeless Pets KC

    Inspired by a True Story

    It is not often a moviecomes along that canentertain the whole

    family and...

  • COMING TOGETHERSeveral animal welfare organizations have come together under

    the No More Homeless Pets KC umbrella to assist with the project.No More Homeless Pets KC, Animal Haven, The Humane Society ofGreater Kansas City, KC Dog Advocates, Heart of America HumaneSociety, Friends of ParkvilleAnimal Shelter and HELPHumane in Belton are all onboard. Longstaff says themovie provides an opportunityfor the organizations to edu-cate the community about ani-mal welfare in Kansa