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Draft of 2008-2009 Student Achievement Report


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2. Mission Statement
The Jefferson Davis County School District promotes a rigorous, safe, and nurturing environment in which students are empowered to achieve their full intellectual and social potential by combining high standards, discipline, and character education, with a commitment to individualism, creativity and diversity as students prepare to contribute to our global society.
3. Vision Statement
All students in Jefferson Davis County School District will achieve life-long learning, reach proficiency in all academic areas, and will contribute to our community in a positive manner.
4. We Believe

  • School should reflect a caring community; a safe and fair environment in which the school staff, with the support of parents, guide the children toward respecting others, understanding the varied cultures of our society, and striving for academic and behavioral excellence.

5. That ongoing communication and collaboration among classroom teachers, support staff, and the principal result in an integrated program for all students, including those with special needs.