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BNC San Dieguito's Fall 2014 Bulletin


  • Bulletin

    September October 2014 San Dieguito Chapter

    Congratulations to San Dieguito We have won the highest award given by BNC:

    Chapter of the Year! See page 5

    And Coming up:

    Special Program: Who Was Sousa Mendes?

    Sunday, November 9 at 12:45 p.m. Lee Sterling, his story, and the prize-winning film Disobedience

    See page 3

    The Jewish Book Fair

    Tuesday, Nov. 11 at noon The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands

    See page 3

    Breakfast & Style! at Chicos

    Sunday, November 23 9 to 11 a.m. See page 4

    Study Groups begin the week of Oct. 1

  • Presidents Message

    Dear Friends:

    What a way to start our year! An exciting September 10th Opening Meeting chaired by our most recent

    past presidents, Bea Sklarewitz and Joyce Spiegel, a remarkable choice of Study Groups and programs

    chaired by Sherrie Hunninghake along with Rita Boskin and Ann Zall, an opportunity to read along with the

    Freshman class....Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson in a group led by Llyn Mallen, a continuing

    partnership with the Day Timers program at Beth Israel which this year offers David Ellenstein of North

    Coast Rep, and Susan Shirk, PhD UCSD expert on all things China, and the opportunity to work in fused

    glass with an Israeli artist to create a latke platter or menorah.

    We are now firmly planted in the information age, thanks to Joan Kushinoff and Jane Polgar, with our own

    web site. Check it out

    Each and every Study Group has a vibrant and dedicated leader. Check the bulletin containing the guide

    and sign up wont be sorry.

    Each member of our Presidium looks forward to greeting you at the Opening Meeting at Lomas Santa Fe

    Country Club to renew, reacquaint and sign up for the coming year. We have taken on the leadership of our

    beloved chapter so each member can continue their dedication to our Mission and the friendships they have

    created over the years....a double gift, as it were.

    As this is the last year of our Sustaining the Mind campaign, I urge you to think seriously about supporting

    the study and research into neurodegenerative time goes by we are learning more and more

    about how to deal with and treat these maladies as we hope you, too, become part of the cure by supporting

    our campaign.

    In saving the best for last....we are excited to announce the Oscar, the Emmy, the Pulitzer of

    the San Dieguito chapter for being awarded Chapter of the Year! Only five chapters nationwide received

    this prestigious award. It goes to each of you who has made the chapter the shining star it is.

    Wishing you a sweet and peaceful New Year.....

    Sondra Albers & Gayle Wise

    Officers: Presidium:

    Sondra Albers,; Linda Epstein,; Phyllis Perkal, Lenore Shapp,; Gayle Wise, and

    Vice President Administration Gayle Wise Sandy Marin, Vice President Service Dorothy Katz Fund-raising Chair Phyllis Perkal Treasurer Jayne Marx Financial Secretary Elaine Eisenberg Recording Secretary Duxie Smukler Corresponding Secretary Susan Moroff Nominating Committee Bea Sklarewitz, Joyce Spiegel; Sherrie Hunninghake, Susan Moroff, Ann Zall Honorary Board Members Etta Schankerman, Sylvia Schenker

    The Bulletin is published every other month by the San Dieguito Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee

    Co-editors: Jane Polgar 760-633-2259 Rita Boskin 760-274-6606 Contributor: Judy Allegan Proofreader: Renee Parker


  • Who Was Sousa Mendes?

    Sunday, November 9 - 12:45 p.m. at Seacrest

    Join us for a fascinating program and dessert. Meet guest speaker Lee Sterling, and see the award-winning film Disobedience: the Sousa Mendes Story. Sterlings own family and he, as a young child, were among tens of thousands saved by Sousa Mendes during the Holocaust.

    Considered to be the greatest single rescue effort by one individual during the Holocaust, it was accomplished by Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the Portuguese Consul serving in Bordeaux, France in 1940. Despite Nazi Germany occupying the country and disobeying his governments direct orders, he and his staff prepared visas for thousands of Jews escaping Nazi controlled France.

    Come see the film and hear Lee Sterlings story, followed by a discussion. Dessert will be served.

    Please send $15.00 to Joyce Spiegel by November 1. Mail in form is on page 11.

    San Diego Jewish Book Fair

    Tuesday, November 11 at noon (includes lunch)

    Seacrest Village 211 Saxony Road, Encinitas (new venue for the Jewish Book Fair) The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands

    Award-winning travel writer Judith Feins newest book traces her Russian Jewish heritage to find the truth behind the shrouded story of where she came from, what the Old World was like, and what remains of the places so many of our own ancestors left behind when they came to America.

    We accompany her as she treks through Ukraines graveyards, meets a gypsy baron and the last Jew standing, quaffs cognac with Russians, and hears the voices of her ancestors. Los Angeles Times called her book as tense as a thriller and as tender as a love story It is our story as well. Those attending will receive a genealogy booklet to help them get started on their own searches.

    See a complete list of authors at their website: San Dieguito is a community partner of the Jewish Book Fair

    San Diego Jewish Book Fair Tuesday, November 11

    Mail this form and include a stamped return envelope and an $18.00 check made out to BNC before Nov. 1

    to Sue Berger, 7420 Magellan St., Carlsbad, CA 92011




  • Sunday, November 23rd, 9~11:00

    Chicos at The Forum

    1925 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad


    N C

    Breakfast & Style

    San Dieguito ChapterBrandeis National Committee



    $18 may be claimed as a charitable contribution.

    Intimates& Soma

    Enclosed $

    I am not able to attend; enclosed is my donation of $

    NameReservations to: Suzie Kaplan, 6991 Batista St., San Diego 92111


    November 15th

    Please mail your check by November 15th (check payable to BNC)

    @ $23 per person

    Please join us for a wonderful morning of fashion, food

    and friendship. The latest fall, holiday and resort styles

    will be shown, you can use your Chicos Passport coupon

    when you make a purchase AND. . .


    There will be a treasure hunt, prizes, and lots of fun!

    Chicos and Soma Intimates

    will donate 10% of every purchase at this event

    Questions? Call Suzie (858.309.8348)

    Proceeds from this event will benefit our campaign,

    Sustaining The Mind: Scientific Research and Scholarships

    will donate 10% of every purchase

  • Chapter of the Year!

    Of all the 47 chapters in the country, only FIVE were named Chapter of the Year for 2013 -2014, the highest award BNC can give. San Dieguito is one of them!

    To everyone who helped on committees, in study groups, working behind the scenes and who contributed to BNCs various funds, and helped in so many ways, however small, thank you. Congratulations - this award belongs to you.

    San Dieguito Has a Website!

    We have just taken a huge leap into the digital age. Thanks to the guidance of Tamar Vogel at BNC, who actually set it up, the chapter has a website. Tamar instructed Joan Kushinoff and Jane Polgar, who will keep it up to date, via a conference call from her home in Massachusetts (the Brandeis offices security was too good to let us in) with her 3-month-old daughter in her arms and an active 3-year-old son kept interested by the Sesame Street characters she cleverly used to illustrate her points. Be sure to check us out online at You will find current activities, Bulletins, Study Group descriptions, a gallery of photos (are you there?), a bit of history about BNC and San Dieguito, and all sorts of links to BNC and the University. What else would you like to see there? Additions and corrections happily accepted.

    Snail Mail Bulletins

    Many chapters now deliver their Bulletins by email only. Those members who receive print editions pay a subscription fee. Although we have offered our Bulletin online for several years, many are reluctant to receive it there. Meantime, printing and mailing costs are rising. For instance, the permit for bulk mail has risen from $60 to $220 per year, and were snail mailing too many costly copies. To counter the rising