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Advisors AskSEO for Financial Advisors

Yes! I want business growth!

3 AREAS OF FOCUSfirstsecondlast

Easily navigate-able site with clear flow and user journeys in mind.Creating and optimizing relevant, strong content, including on-page SEO.Having quality links to your site on other sources. 123

SEO is rewarding.

But there are no guarantees.

Rankings alone are not the best metric.

It helps you drive traffic to your page.Keep your eye on the desired action on your page such as booking a call, or signing up for a newsletter.

Agenda:ExpectationsHow I would set basic SEO expectations as a financial advisor. 2. Low Hanging Fruit + Good PracticeUsing the AW SEO tool for local search growth and a better user experience for your website users. 3. Process ImprovementThe spend zero money on SEO approach. How much time/money should be allotted for your SEO efforts anyways?

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How to set SEO expectations as a FA?

Simple, inexpensive and precise. Focus on Onpage SEO for now.

Compliance limitationsWebsites arent a new landscape - know the competitive spaceLimited timeFA leads are traditionally from referralsWhy?

Overarching ExpectationsI want to generate more organic search traffic to my website.

I want to attract local leads from search.

I want to spend as little time and money as possible on this, while generating the above 2 points.

Where can I find SEO tools on my website?

Using Our ToolTo help your efforts, each page should have 1 focus. This focus word or sentence should generally be in the:

URLPage TitleDescriptionMain Body of Content on Page

ExampleMain Term I Want to Rank

Bart Wisniowski url, title and description. Its also in the main body content.

What do you mean by local SEO?

Google is smart. It tries to pull the closest physical results to your query based on where you actually, physically are. Where your IP address is.

E.g. You are in Kansas, and search financial advisor. Google will pull the closest, most relevant search in Kansas.

Recommendation: Place the name of the city you are located in, in some focused page and see what happens in the rankings/traffic. How Google Does Local


Set up your google my business

Place your screenshot here

Try variations that people dont use much.

Example: Instead of /about-us or /contact-us, Use /financial-team or /financial-questions.

Warning: Change URLs for variations properly.Dont leave duplicate content, nor delete the duplicate to become a 404. 301 the old page to the new one.

Keyword Variations


Keyword Variation ExampleWant to rank for Texas financial advisor?Make content around those words.Think of questions or terms a prospective lead might search. Create a page directly addressing that need.

Texas best financial advisor Texas financial advisor for retirees Texas financial advisor firms

If your page is focused, informative and not spammy, anyone searching those terms should be able to find you on Google.

Making content for financial advisors doesnt have to be hard.

Use canned, compliance-approved content as filler (this is for ux, not seo, unless you copy write the content nicely).

Feature content.

Find influencers in your market.Write about landmarks within your community.Write reviews about local ties ins to your company and post them on your blog


What to do with content, for real?

The Spend Zero Money Approach

4 StepsFor 90% of advisors, only invest time.


Need to know how to measure.

STEP ONEDo Your ResearchGoogle terms like best financial advisor (note, tailored to your location).

Analyze the highest ranked sites for the terms you want to also rank for. Do it better.

Utilize free tools like Google Adwords and find traffic per term.

Google terms you think advisors care about in your areas. Then write content about those terms.

STEP TWOOptimize ExistingGo through all the pages on your site.

Optimize them using the tool as we explained earlier. Lining up the url, the title, the description and the page content.

Meta descriptions: what people see to decide whether to click to your site. Under 156 characters and nicely read.

STEP THREECreate New ContentPlan and launch new pages.

Choose 5 long tail keywords that relate to your target audience.

Keep in mind complianceAvoid Free and Best

STEP FOURMarket Your Brand NameBrand vs. search terms.

Your brand name is unique. It will rank you #1.

Use this as an advantage. Promote your brand opposed to what you do.

Get potential clients to recall your brand.


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