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<ol><li> 1. A Proposal to undertake an end-to-end value chain formation for your floral needs For: By: Delhi Flora (A business unit of Countryflora Gifting Solutions Pvt. Ltd) </li><li> 2. Delhi Flora Our Vision To heighten the consumer delight quotient by providing timely and cost efficient delivery of your floral requirements by being proactive in understanding your needs and executing them flawlessly, aided by our expertise. </li><li> 3. Delhi Flora The Value Chain A captive procurement end comprising of over 1000 vendors A proactive research and marketing vertical to understand your customized need and recommend the best fit solution A six-sigma delivery team to ensure timely and flawless delivery We understand that consumer expectations are a benchmark that we need to change. We try to break the industry norm by suggesting solutions that match the occasion ; also the solution breaks the long standing stereotypes (Eg. Roses are to be given to better halves) Gives us the range and flexibility in the orders Our management team is a unique mix of premium B-Schoolers who have a keen interest in flora Due diligence in the logistics front is ensured by collaborating with the best names in the industry </li><li> 4. Delhi Flora - The Product Line Anthurium Bird of Paradise (BOP) Lily Carnation Orchid Showpiece Consort: Manna Dew </li><li> 5. Delhi Flora Product Combinations Floral Arrangements Stacked with a glass platform etc. Floral Bunches- Bunched Symmetrically </li><li> 6. Delhi Flora Product Combinations (Contd.) Roses and Rochers Cake Flow (Cakes coupled with Flora) </li><li> 7. Delhi Flora Why Us? Our team keeps margins secondary to consumer delight We understand the significance of the occasion and suggest better alternatives, if any Vendor selection is done after a thorough cross verification and gathering of feedback from multiple sources Revenue Sharing with our vendors makes us the preferred consumer for them. We are a six sigma organization in terms of delivery Delhi Flora takes ownership of the occasion and transforms it into an experience </li><li> 8. Delhi Flora Our Online Presence A mature E-Commerce platform Has enabled our reach to cross 1500 consumers in just 3 months Corporate Logins at a discounted slab Gives you the flexibility to chart your own requirement; even customize your bunch/arrangement </li><li> 9. Timelines and Costing Our turn around time is 1 hour. This includes time to figure out the clients occasion and coming up with a solution to the same. Also, the batch time and delivery is included in the time frame. Costs : (As per the custom requirement) </li><li> 10. Thank You Delhi Flora Team 9818938263, 011-64622525 </li></ol>