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Selling Yourself on the Academic Job Market. Christopher M. Anderson University of Rhode Island (Ph.D. Caltech, 2001). 2005 AAEA CV Workshop. Do You have what it takes?. Frame original research questions and address them Attract money for the research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Selling Yourself on theAcademic Job MarketChristopher M. AndersonUniversity of Rhode Island(Ph.D. Caltech, 2001)2005 AAEA CV Workshop

  • Do You have what it takes?Frame original research questions and address themAttract money for the researchExcite peers through conference presentationsPublish the resultsTeachCover needed topicsExcite students to maintain or grow enrollmentsCollaborate and contribute to department

  • Demonstrate you do in school!Innovate: Develop a new question or approachReplicating a study with new data wont get you an academic jobNeed to demonstrate your potential to frame good questions and apply the tools you have to themTeachTeaching evaluations are a big plusGet a grant (of any size)Demonstrate your ability to sell your ideas to fundersPublish a paperPresent, especially at smaller conferencesGet practice, network, impress future colleagues with your clear description of your work

  • On the Market: TimingAds show up in Job Openings for EconomistsPacket deadlines will generally be 11/15-12/15Need to have job paper, packet by late October Most send out many applications (I sent out 75)Econ interviews at ASSA meetings plan to goCalled 12/15-12/25 for 30 min interviews (early Jan)Start with 5 minute spiel about you and your workExplain what you are willing to teach and howFlyout decisions in following weeksGrueling 3-day on-campus interviews in February45-minute seminar for all faculty, grad studentsOffers March-AprilMany schools have application bureaucracy (AA) that slows this down

  • What Happens to Your ApplicationEvery member of committee looks at itCV, letters, job paper abstractFlip through paper to see level of theory, level of econometrics, policy recommendationsResearch statement: How does this paper fit in to your vision overallCommittee chooses top several candidatesFill out Affirmative Action form justifying decision to/not to interview youJob description is written to facilitate filling out AA formLacks required elements (e.g., Ph.D.)Not as strong on other candidates are required elements (weak micro theory)Has fewer, or not as strong, on preferred elementsThen depends on interviews more than application

  • Good Applications Highlight:Your theoretical toolsMicro tools, game theory, dynamic models, production theory, etc.Your data toolsPanel, time series, spatial, discrete choice econometricsYour applied interestsGroundwater, crop production, manure management, tradable pollution rightsThings that dont matterUnrelated work experience Student activities (though interests and hobbies can)Fancy binders

  • Writing is ImportantEconomists communicate in writing (grants, journals)Materials show how you sell self, ideasEnglish must be comfortable and flawlessSelect your main points and structure statements and paragraphs to emphasize themShow you know how what youre doing is innovative, interesting and relevant

    Use on-campus writing center, career center, friends, etc. to help

  • Good Luck!Dont let yourself be adriftask adviceYour advisorYoung faculty in your department