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Sell Yourself In English. In today’s talk…. Why is English important? English in the business world What is Business English? Finding a job – the interview. Some successful Turks. s igned Led Zeppelin to played Macbeth in - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sell Yourself In English

  • In todays talk.Why is English important?English in the business world

    What is Business English?Finding a job the interview

  • Some successful Turks

    signed Led Zeppelin to played Macbeth in Atlantic Records London

    Ahmet Ertegn Haluk Biliginer

    Is worth 2.5 billion dollars

    The first Turkish language entrepreneur Rahmi Ko Nazif lgen

  • GeographyTotal Speakers: 65-70 millionMain Countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosova. N. Cyprus, Azerbaijan

    Total Speakers: 1.8 billionEnglish is the official language of 51 countries.

  • Some factsThe private English language teaching sector is a 50-billion dollar industry.Within the next 10 years, more than 2 billion people will be speaking or learning English.There 3 non-native speakers of English to every one native.29 million tourists visited Turkey in 2010 and 9 million Turks travelled abroad .English is the main language of books, newspapers, airports and air-traffic control, international business and academic conferences, science, technology, diplomacy, sport, international competitions, pop music and advertising. Over two-thirds of the world's scientists read in English. 75% of the world's mail is written in English. 80%of the world's electronically stored information is in English. 80% of internet communication is in English.

  • What can I do...sometimes?

  • Import-export Human resources Public relations Logistics

    Econometrics Tourism

    Banking Retailing

    Ergonomics Wholesaling

    Administration Trade and finance

    Business management Communications


    English and the business world
















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    4th Qtr5



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  • Some more facts49% of employees in international companies use English every day.International companies considering outsourcing value the local level of English proficiency highly.People with language skills are more likely to get jobs and earn 30-50% more than those without.Companies that are highly effective communicators have a 47% higher total return on investment.Organizations that have a high level of fluency and have a strategy for effective, global communications are 16 times more likely be better at controlling costs, 28 times more likely to be better at customer satisfaction and 86 times more likely to reach the market faster than the competition.

  • English attracts foreign investment

  • English increases earning power

  • Cneyt Yavuz, CEO

  • Being good in Turkey is just not enough

  • What is Business English?






    General English:Intermediate CEF B2IELTS Band 5.5 - 6


    Collocations:Market leaderSuccessful runGlobal consensus

    Expressions:See what we are up toFoot on the pedal

    Series 1

    Series 2

    Series 3

    Series 4


    Series 1Series 2Series 3Series 4

    Category 16.5000

    Category 26.5300

    Category 36.532.50

    Category 46.532.52.5

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  • The English you need EIL ELF


  • Trkiye Cumhuriyeti Maliye Bakanl'nda mfetti olarak grev yapt. 1987 - 1999 yllar arasnda Dou Holding'inde bulunduu birok irkette yneticilik grevleri yapt. Mays 2008 tarihinde Doan Holding ynetim kurulu yesi olmutur.

    I couldnt have done any of this without EnglishZekeriya Yldrm, Trk i adam, Doan Holding ynetim kurulu yesi ve Darafaka Cemiyeti ynetim kurulu bakan.1962 ylnda Darafaka Lisesi'nden mezun oldu. stanbul niversitesi ktisat Fakltesi'nden 1966 ylnda lisans diplomasn ald. ABD'nin Vanderbilt niversitesi'nden 1976 ylnda ise yksek lisans diplomasn ald.

  • The Interview

  • What is an interview?Face-to-face interviews - This is the kind of interview we expect. It may be one-to-one or there may sometimes be two interviewers.Panel interviews - several people interview you at once. These are common for positions of importance. Each member of the panel may play a different role.Telephone interviews telephone/Skype interviews are increasingly used by companies, often at the early stage of selection. Group interviews - several candidates are present and are asked questions in turn. There may be a group discussion, role plays or group tasks.Sequential interviews - several interviews in turn, with a different interviewer each time.

  • Killer questions1. What is your long-term objective?2. What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?3. What are your strengths?4. What is your greatest weakness?5. Why have you applied for this particular job?6. How has your education prepared you for your career?7.Have you worked with someone you didn't like?8. What kind of salary do you have in mind?

  • What did you say?What are your strengths?Im a good team player and I work very hard.I learn quickly and I have a strong determination to succeed.What is your greatest weakness?I sometimes tend to make my team work very hard but Im getting much better at managing them by setting objectives.Sometimes I really work too hard. I should probably spend more time with my family, because all I do is work.What kind of salary do you have in mind?I know that a marketing manager doing asimilarjob in Berlin earns about 3700 a month. Given that my job would also involve some other duties, Id expect my salary to range between 4000 and 4500.Another company offered me 3500. I want more than that.

  • TipsDress appropriately and dont be lateDo your homework, be preparedPay attention and maintain eye-contactDont use clichesDont criticise othersGive examplesDont make demandsPrepare questions to askDont try to make weaknesses sound like strengthsSay thank you

  • Where to look

  • Thank you for listening

    Welcome. My thanks to International House for bringing me here, to the organisers for arranging the venue, and you all for coming. Im here to talk about the importance of English in the business world.*So these are the things Im going to talk about today*These Turkish businessmen have some things in common success, fame, money...and....English. They were not all from rich, priveleged families....for example, Nazif Ulgen started as a carpet seller, but was the first to realise the importance of the English language and so founded the first chain of language schools in Turkey in the late 1970s.*Why English is important opens the door to a bigger world, particularly important in business where global communication is necessary. Not undervaluing Turkish or any other language, but the maps clearly show the relative influence of the two languages *These facts stress the importance of English as an international language (read through).The successful Turks shown earlier, and many others, speak English well enough to communicate well. If you would like to follow in their footsteps, the message is to learn English to a good standard, and to learn it as a life-skill, not just to pass an examination. What is to be avoided is a feeling of inferiority or embarrassment due to poor language skills, and there are plenty of examples of this, not the least in the fields of politics and football management (show Fatih Terim video).*Not a very impressive example.*Now lets look at the business world. The business world is complex and consists of many sectors. However, whichever area you are studying or intend to work in, language skills are important, and here are some reasons why...*Read through. Conclusion English proficiency is advantageous at the individual and