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Real Estate

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  • When someone wants to sell or rent his property she usually calls a real estate agent. WHO IS REAL ESTATE AGENT ?

  • The agent also arranges to advertise the properties he is showing and may visit each property before it is shown to clients.

    He needs to know about everything from floor plans to heating systems to septic systems

    Its also important for an agent to be familiar with the neighborhoods he works in, so he can counsel his clients about the propertys fair market value. A good real estate agent is informed about things wide ranging as school ratings, tax rates or public transportation as well as being fully aware of the going mortgage rates.

    Negotiating skills are not just important but critical for real estate agents.


  • Must have a real estate license and become a member of the National Association of Realtors.

    Every state requires that a broker or agent undergo a series of examinations and log some experience before he is granted this license.

    Continued education is required every few years to maintain the certification.

    Many real estate boards offer preparatory classes. But each state has its own test. So should you wish to work in a different state, youve got to pass their exam. A QUALIFIED REAL ESTATE AGENT