Self Love and Acceptance Affirmation Meditation with Essential Oils

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Self Improvement

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<ol><li> 1. I love and accept myselfthe way I amI love and accept myself the way I am.Whenever I have a free minute, I like tomentally list all the things I like aboutmyself. I am able to quickly and easily makea long list of my positive qualities.Sometimes I surprise myself at howtalented and gifted I am. I am trulyblessed.I have a few characteristics I want to changeabout myself but I am still very contentwith who I am. I accept myself completely. Ichoose to focus on my positive features.Loving myself can be challenging. I mayeven have doubts on occasion. But thosedoubts vanish as quickly as they arise. I amfree from nagging doubt and concern. I loveand accept myself the way I am.I realize that flawlessness is impossible.After all, how boring would it be if everyonewere perfect?It is really my imperfections that makeme perfect just the way I am! I love myunique qualities that make me special. I cando things others only dream about doing.I find it easy to be accepting of myselfbecause I am so accepting of others. Ibelieve in the right of everyone to beunique and special, just like my individualitymakes me special in this world.Today, I choose to love myself and others inmy life just the way we are. Love andacceptance are gifts that I give and receiveeach day.Self-Reflection Questions:1. What qualities do I love about myself?2. In what ways do I need to be moreaccepting of myself?3. How can I increase my acceptance ofothers?Powered by TCPDF ( essential oils: Rose,Frankincense, Bergamot.Discover more ways to use essential oils at </li></ol>