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  • Self & IdentitySocial Psychology

    Arts and Humanities

  • Personal IdentityYour Personal Identity includes a lot-it includes your character & personality and the sum of all of these:

    Social IdentityCivil IdentityFamily Identity

    Arts and Humanities

  • Social IdentityYour Social identity is your sense of belongingness to a collective of identified important groups such as; Citizenship: a Nation, Residence: Home, Property: Ownership, deeds, and co-ownership in Real estate, e.g., vacation homes, office buildings, land, and may include motor homes, RVs, cars, boats, planes, etc., Profession: your trade, vocation, skill, craft boards or union, Title: in clubs, associations, organizations, etc., Education: Credentials, degrees, diplomas, certifications, documentation of schools successfully attended. Socio-economic Class: Amount of money in bank, in stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and certificates.

    Arts and Humanities

  • Civil IdentityYour Civil identity is actually a mosaic of your present:

    Ancestry, Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure) Preference Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, etc.

    Arts and Humanities

  • Family IdentityYour Family identity is based on your surname and closely associated with your family Civil Identity and your specific surname: Your Surname is that specific family name passed down line generation after generation in a family lineage from whom the origins of your surname - to the very youngest new born. Your Middle name is a name given by your joint parents traditionally-by inter- marrying families to protect the family against frauds, phoneys, and fakes out to use your reputable names as a tactic or strategy to profit in a multicultural finance. Your First name is a personal name given to you as a newborn by your parents - to be used in every day conversations - with a specific meaning concerning the reputation to live up to in society.

    Arts and Humanities

  • PersonalityYour Personality is about just how your capability is manifested in the way you personally: observe, uphold, and promote what is right, such as:

    Law abidingness,Morality/abiding in social mores,and Heartfulness/emotional stability.

    Arts and Humanities

  • CharacterYour Character is the actual way your seen by your peers as having the capacity of just how you personally and actively fight against:

    Crime/& infractions of the law,Immorality/violating social mores, andInfatuation/lust.

    Arts and Humanities

  • A Healthy RelationshipGood CommunicationHonestyTrustEqually-yokedSupportRespectTime

    Arts and Humanities

  • Some Suggested SchoolsLiberty U., Lee U., Houghton Coll., Southern Adventist U., Johnson U., California Lutheran U., Northland Coll., Milligan Coll., Coll. of the Ozarks, Cedarville U., Anderson U., Samford U., Bryan Coll., Corban U., Hendrix Coll., Southwestern U., Centre Coll., Bethel Coll., Central Coll., Eastern U., Belmont U., Luther Coll., Eastern Mennonite U., Southern Methodist U., Macalester Coll., Muhlenberg Coll., Gustavus Adolphus Coll., George Fox U., Southeastern U., Emory U., St. Olaf Coll., Hope Coll., Roberts Wesleyan Coll., Concordia U., NE, DePauw U., Whitworth U., Lafayette Coll., Wittenberg U., Taylor U., Abilene Christian U., Sewanee-U.of the South, Valparaiso U., Texas Christian U., Ohio Wesleyan U., Franklin Coll., Ouachita Baptist U., U. of Mobile, Gordon Coll., Covenant Coll., California Baptist U., Millsaps Coll.,, Goshen Coll., Allegheny Coll., Union U., Westmont Coll., Union U., Westmont Coll., Waynesburg U., Biola U., Wheaton Coll., Regent U., Presbyterian Coll., Baylor U., Davidson Coll., Rhodes Coll., Transylvania U., Pepperdine U., Wofford Coll., Oklahoma Baptist U., Indiana Wesleyan U., Trinity U., Asbury U., Hanover Coll., Chapman U., Messiah Coll., Nebraska Wesleyan U.,, Illinois Coll., Augustana Coll. SD, Point Loma Nazarene U., Erskine Coll., Augsburg Coll., Calvin Coll., Azusa Pacific U., Concordia Coll., U. of Evansville, North Central Coll., Vanguard U. of SoCal, Seattle Pacific U., Oklahoma Christian U., Patrick Henry Coll., Albion Coll., LeTourneau U., Oral Roberts U., John Brown U.John Brown U., Oklahoma City U., Wartburg Coll., Alma Coll., U. of Tulsa, Grove City Coll., Belhaven U., American U.

    Arts and Humanities

  • Be ye not unequally yoked II Corinthians 6:14

    Arts and HumanitiesJesus died on the cross so no one who believes has to be unequally yoked.

    Jesus died on the cross so no one who believes has to be unequally yoked.


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