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  • 1. September 2011Brooke Wagner COO

2. Lighting Technology is a very large & fast growing marketing Annual Light Bulb sales in the U. S. are approximately $50 B 46% of commercial electricity expense driven by lighting Govt mandated phase out of the incandescent bulb Dec. 2012 LED lighting is the fastest ROI Green Tech on the market Traditional lighting manufacturers are behind the technology curve Product quality is widely disparate across the industry 3. Seesmart is leading the development of real world LED lightingapplications Over 125 products & 325 skus Established and growing direct & indirect sales channels GSA Approved Rapidly growing Revenues 2009 - $3.6M 2010 - $5.9M 2011 - $11.0M (fcst) 2012 - $25.0M (fcst) 4. Founded in July 2008 following 5+ years of R&D Publicly Traded Proven team Proprietary technology Broad product range 30+ Exclusive Seesmart distributors & dealersHeadquarters Facility: Simi Valley, California 5. Over 325 Skus and 125 different products across a widerange of applications 6. LED Lighting is one segment in a broader industry ecosystem Chip manufacturing Thermal managementTechnology Optics IndustryMaterials & constructionLEDLightingEnergy Electricity IndustryEnergy management Green Energy 7. Top LED chip manufacturers 13%43% 21% 23% Televisions & Monitors China and Taiwan lead the world indevelopment and production of LEDs Mobile Phones Therefore, they lead in engineering General Illuminationcapabilities and resources Notebook/PC 8. The BIG Three The Others GE BETA LED Sylvania - OSRAM LEDtronics Philips LED Power Sharp Panasonic Virtually every newtechnology has created a previously unknown marketleader 9. Rapid & Revolutionary Change Rapid Computer Rapid LED Lighting = DevelopmentDevelopment Smaller Size=Smaller SizeLower Cost =Lower Cost Processor Speed =Light OutputProduction Volume=Production Volume Technology is changing on a daily basis Performance & feature gains Smaller & smaller packages Other spin-off technologies 10. Just beginning to reach early adopters Longer, more technical sale Vendors must prove claims Higher Upfront Cost requires financialjustification Significant customer education is necessary2011 11. Seesmart LED technology offers: 50-90% energy savings Compatible with alternative energy sources Provides direct replacement lighting Commercial & residential applications Zero-maintenance Long life: up to 50k hours Environmentally-friendly products: recyclable & no mercury contentLeading Companies Choose Seesmart: US GovernmentCounty of Westchester Hotels: Marriott, Hyatt, Waldorf Astoria Pepsico LA Unified School District Raytheon BMWMemorial Sloan Kettering 12. Seesmart offers unrivaled customer service and support. Training Center, Illinois 13. Management TeamKen Ames CEO & Co-Founder28 years experienceFounder/Key Executive of 3 technology companiesMarketing/Sales, Distribution, Customer ServiceRaymond Sjolseth President & Co-Founder19 years experienceFounder of 3 companiesEngineering, Technology, Product DevelopmentBrooke Wagner Chief Operating Officer25 years experienceCFO, Marketing & Sales, InvestorGlobal public technology companies 14. Revenue Results: 2009$3.6M 2010$5.9M6MTD 2011 $4.0M2011 Fcst $11.0M2012 Fcst $25.0MRecent Public Annoucements Dealer expansion Los Angeles Master Logistics Partnership Steven Engineering $1.2M US Government Order 15. Seesmart is leading the development of real world LED lightingapplications Over 125 products & 325 skus Established distribution channels Growing first-tier customer base Rapidly evolving market dynamics favor Seesmart Experienced management team Significant growth & expansion opportunity 16. There are lots of light sockets in the world to fill