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Three decades of experience have made us an industry leader in bulletproof barriersystems, and we bring that expertise to bear on your security challenges.About Us


Produced 12,367+ jobs Protected nearly 10,000 facilities Expanded our footprint in all 50 states Been recognized as an award winning company by:Since 2004,TSS has:


The Three Forms of Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof Acrylic

Laminated Polycarbonate

Glass Clad PolycarbonateThe most common glass:a single piece of 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 solid plastic sheet, used mostly indoors.This glass provides excellent optical clarity and typically weighs less thanother materials.The thick layers of this glass make the highest levels of bullet resistance obtainable.

Better known as; bullet resistant glass, bullet resistant glass is actually one of several types of bullet-resistant thermoplastic, sometimes laminated in layers that include traditional tempered glass.

Average weightResistance levelEtc4

The 8 Levels ofBullet Resistance

Each level of glass has been tested and found effective at stopping certain types of projectiles, ones most typically employed during an armed robbery.


Where is Each Level MostCommonly Found?

Discuss why different levels are appropriate for different facilities and locations.


Level OneTypically used in:gas stationsretail applicationspharmaciesbanks/credit unionsgold buyers/pawn shopscheck cashiers

Able to withstand shots from small caliber handguns, most commonly used in armed robberies. Most small businesses use Level 1 bullet resistant glass as a crime deterrent.7

Level TwoTypically found in:large corporate bankingfinancial institutionsbusinesses with security concerns

withstands assaults from larger caliber handguns, and is made for buildings with increased security concerns.8

Level ThreeCommon for:utilitiespolice stationsschoolsgovernment facilities

recommend for larger buildings that have a higher threat level and a greater number of employees or occupants. This level is suitable for environments where threats are potentially more severe and there is a greater level of occupant endangerment.9

Levels Four - EightTypically used only for:overseas embassiesgovernmentmilitary bases

designed to withstand assault rifles and automatic weapons. Materials rated for Levels 4-8 are cost prohibitive for many types of jobs and are custom-manufactured on a case by case basis10

Components of a Barrier System

Transparency (bulletproof glass)Voice systems and passersBallistic framingBullet resistant fiberglass panelsBullet resistant doors


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