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  • Secrets of Vesuvius By,Sean Steele

  • About Vesuvius These are some pictures of the volcanoErupted over 50 timesIt is 17000 years oldIn 79 A.D. Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii it killed 2000 people including the Elder Pliny

  • More About Vesuvius

    In 1631 5 towns were destroyed and 3000 people killedOne more eruption in 1794And still one more in 1906 and it killed another 2000 peopleIt is still active and if you live near it you are still in some danger.Vesuvius is 4190 feet tall and its base is 30 miles wide

  • The Author Caroline Lawrence is the writer of the roman mysteries series which contains 17 books. Born in London, England but grew up in California. Her father was an English and drama teacher and her mom was an artist. Later she got a Marshal scholarship to Cambridge. Even later she got a degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies. Finally she began writing the roman mysteries series .

  • Fun Facts About The Author 3 of her favorite movies are: Star Wars,Star Trek, and Toy Story. Three of her many favorite books are: Future King, Zorba the Greek, and a Wrinkle in Time.

  • Summary Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia, and Lupissave the elder Plinys life and uncover a riddle that could lead them to treasure. As tremors shake the earth, animals acting strange, and people thinking the end is near is only a piece of what Vesuvius will bring. But before this extraordinary eruption that buries Pompeii, they will explore the land and travel on boats and celebrate festivals. Will they realize they are in danger, or will it be too late?

  • Theme Sometimes the best treasure is knowledge. They learned deep secrets about the blacksmith Vulcan, the elder Pliny, and there own strength and courage.

  • CharactersThese are the five main charactersFlavia: daughter of Marcus Gemina solves most of the riddle.Nubia: An African girl (freed slave) friend of Flavia.Jonathan: Christian boyLupis: young boy saved the elder Pliny, doesnt have a tongue, and figured out the last piece of the puzzle. He was originally a beggar.Vulcan: a famous blacksmith that does not know his real name. He is the blacksmith Flavia, Jonathan, Lupis and Nubia are looking for.

  • Setting It starts of in Ostia in Rome. In Villa Pomponiana in the year 79 A.D.They move to their uncle Guaiuss farm for the summer.They move all around the bay looking for the blacksmith Vulcan that the elder Pliny had told them about.

  • The Elder PlinyHe was an author, naturalist, philosopher, a navel commander for early Rome and a real person not a fictional character . In his spare time he would investigate the natural and geological world. He was born in 23AD in the town of Como, Italy and died saving friends and family when Vesuvius erupted on august 15 ,79AD. His parents where Celler and Marcella.

  • Bibliography The book Secrets of Vesuvius

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