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  • The Second District Dental Society of New York

    Serving the counties of Kings and Richmond since 1868


    SDDS BULLETIN Join Your Colleagues and

    Friends at the GNYDM!

    The Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) welcomes you to the 94th Annual Meeting to be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. There is never a pre-registration fee!

    Walk along the ever-expanding exhibit floor featuring over 1,700 exhibit booths. Discuss new prod- ucts with vendors and learn about the newest technology for your practice.

    Need to complete your CE? The Greater New York Dental Meeting offers over 350 educational pro- grams including a wide array of

    topics: pediatric dentistry, Botox, implants, orthodontics, endodon- tics, oral surgery, forensics, 3D technology, periodontics, CPR, ethics and so much more!

    Know someone who can benefit from a free health screening? Spread the word! Visit the GNYDM health fair, opening on Sunday, Nov. 25 from 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Monday, Nov. 26 from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.; free screen- ings include oral cancer, caries, vision, blood pressure, hearing and a diabetes risk assessment

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    Upcoming Events

    Bocelli Ristorante, Staten Island, 6 P.M.

    RCDS General Membership Meeting: "Integration of CBCT and 3-D Printing to Fabricate Your Own Surgical Guides" by Adam Koppelman, D.M.D.


    NOV. 13

    Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island, 9 A. M. - 12 P.M.

    Continuing Education Course #2018-22 "Actions and Algorithms for Medical Emergencies: How to Save a Life, Including Your Own" by Daniel G. Pompa, D.D.S.


    NOV. 9

    Dyker Beach Golf Course, Brooklyn, 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

    Continuing Education Course #2018-21 "Implant Overdentures" by Mary Kang, D.D.S.


    NOV. 2

    SDDS Headquarters, Brooklyn, 7 P.M.

    SDDS Board of Trustees Meeting MONDAY

    NOV. 5

    SDDS Headquarters, Brooklyn, 9:30 A.M. - 3 P.M.

    Continuing Education Course #2018-23 "CPR and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office" by Michael Kaliroff, Certified Instructor


    NOV. 16

    Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

    94th Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting


    NOV. 23


    NOV. 28


    Greater New York Dental Meeting Dates: Scientific Meeting Dates: Friday, Nov. 23 — Wednesday, Nov. 28

    Exhibit Floor Dates: Sunday, Nov. 25 — Wednesday, Nov. 28

    A view from the "live" dentistry arena at the 2017 Greater New York Dental Meeting

    Dyker Beach Golf Course, Brooklyn, 6:30 P.M.

    SDDS General Membership Meeting: State Officers, New Members, Senior Dentists & Past Presidents Night: "Risk Management and Litigation in Dentistry" by Elaine C. Gibson, Esq., B.D.S., L.L.B., L.L.M. *Get your FREE professional headshot at the meeting! See ad on page 13 for more information.


    NOV. 8

  • The Bulletin is the official publication of the Second District Dental Society. It is published monthly, except during June, July, August and September, when it is published bimonthly, by the Jour- nal of the Second District Dental Society, Inc. The opinions expressed are those of the writers and are not necessarily those of the Second District Dental Society. Subscription rates; members, $4.50 per year; others, $5.50 per year. Material for publication must be typewritten and double-spaced and must be received six weeks prior to the month of issue. Business communications

    and requests for advertising rates should be directed to the Second District Dental Society, 111 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217. The Bulletin reserves the right to alter or reject any copy.

    ADVERTISING POLICY The SDDS Bulletin and Website welcome advertising as an important means of keeping the dentist informed about new and better products and services for the practice of dentistry. Such

    advertising must be factual, dignified, tasteful, and intended to provide useful product and service information. The publication of an advertisement is not to be construed as an endorsement or approval by the SDDS Bulletin and Website and/or its publisher, the Second District Dental Society, of the product or service being offered in the advertisement unless the advertisement specifically includes an authorized statement that such approval or endorsement has been granted. As a matter of policy, the SDDS Bulletin and Website will sell advertising space when the

    inclusion of advertising material does not interfere with the purpose of their publication. The SDDS Bulletin and Website reserve the right to accept or reject advertising, at its sole discretion, for any product or service submitted for publication.


    111 Fort Greene Place Brooklyn, New York 11217

    Tel (718) 522-3939 Fax (718) 797-4335

    STUART L. SEGELNICK, EDITOR Jeffrey M. Galler, Business Manager

    ASSOCIATE EDITORS Paul S. Albicocco Gabriel D. Ariola

    Babak Bina Alyson K. Buchalter

    Jacques Doueck Howard I.A. Lieb

    Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña Deborah A. Pasquale

    Craig S. Ratner Reneida E. Reyes James J. Sconzo Paul W. Teplitsky

    OFFICERS President – Sari R. Rosenwein

    President-Elect – Alyson K. Buchalter Vice President – Paul S. Albicocco

    Secretary– Babak Bina Treasurer – Michael J. Donato, Jr.

    Librarian Curator – Raymond A. Flagiello

    BOARD OF TRUSTEES Gabriel D. Ariola

    William W. Bongiorno Philip Buccigrossi, Jr.

    Saad A. Butt John P. Demas

    John R. Halikias Kristine A. Hassan Howard I.A. Lieb John S. McIntyre

    Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña Marc Meiselman

    Mitchell D. Mindlin Richard L. Oshrain

    Tricia Quartey Craig S. Ratner James J. Sconzo

    Stuart L. Segelnick Paul W. Teplitsky Valerie Venterina Ronald Turchak

    OFFICE STAFF Bernard Hackett, Executive Director

    Shayo Farinre Veronica Molina

    SDDS BULLETIN Earlier this year, both the State

    of New York and the City of New York passed sexual harassment prevention legislation that ulti- mately affects employers in the State of New York. This includes ALL private dental offices, regard- less of the number of employees that you have.

    To keep this short, these are the things you, as the employer, must do. 1. Develop and distribute a written sexual harassment policy to all employees. Visit http://bit. ly/Model_Policy to download a model policy developed by the NY State Department of Labor. You can customize this policy so that it is specific to your practice simply by modifying those areas in yellow highlight. Be sure to print it and hand it out to every employee you have. You should have them sign an acknowledge- ment that they have in fact re- ceived the policy. Retain the signed acknowledgement in your employee files. THIS SHOULD BE DONE IMMEDIATELY. 2. Distribute a copy of the New York City Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet to all employees. A copy of the fact sheet is available at There is no need to modify this fact sheet. Be sure to print it as is and hand it out to every employ- ee you have. You should have them sign an acknowledgement that they have in fact received the fact sheet. Retain the signed acknowl- edgement in your employee files. THIS SHOULD BE DONE IM- MEDIATELY. 3. Post a copy of the New York City Sexual Harassment Poster in a conspicuous area where em-

    ployees congregate. The poster must be at least 8.5 by 14 inches in size, using at least 12-point font, and posted in both English and Spanish. A copy of the poster in English is available by visting Poster. A copy of the Spanish poster is available at NYCSH_Spanish_Poster. THIS SHOULD BE DONE IMME- DIATELY. 4. Lastly, employers in New York State have until October 9, 2019 to provide sexual harass- ment training to all their em- ployees. However, if you are a NY City employer with 15 or more employees, you will be required to conduct training effective April 1, 2019 and then on an annual basis thereafter. Nonetheless, NY State law trumps NY City law in this regard, so ALL NYC employ- ers will be required to provide training to their employees, re- gardless of the number of employ- ees.

    The NYC Commission on Human Rights will develop and share an online training guide to be available on its website at that will satisfy this requirement in the coming months. (We will advise you when that becomes available.) Employers may also choose to provide their own annual anti- sexual harassment training for employees, provided that it in- cludes the following elements: • An explanation of sexual ha- rassment as a form of unlawful discrimination under local law; • A statement that sexual harass- ment is also a form of unlawful discrimination under state and federal law;

    • A description of what sexual harassment is, using examples; • Any internal complaint process available to employees through their employer to address sexual harassment claims; • The complaint process avail- able through the Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights and the United States Equal Employment Op- portunity Commission, including contact information; • The prohibition of retaliation including examples; • Information concerning by- stander intervention, including but not limited to any resources that explain how to engage in b


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