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Seasonal maintenance for your car

This is mainly for automobile in different temperature environment use and prone to failure of maintenance and adjustment.

In the winter before, should do some car maintenance and adjustment:1. Because winter Care Car car morning prone to start difficult problems, therefore, before enter winter to battery power, starter, oil supply lines and start-up circuit, carburetor choke and other inspection, adjustment and clean, make the start system in good technical condition.2. The cooling liquid condensation point and specific gravity test. If the cooling liquid proportion is too low will change. Because in the summer to go to tank water, make antifreeze liquid density lowered. So the prevention of liquid condensation Truck Diagnostic Tools point will not only improve, but also for water tank, cylinder head etc produce corrosion. Here there is a misunderstanding. Some drivers are use original fangdongye, but due to improper use, such as add too much water dilution, time is not long will change, he thought an antifreeze is bad products.? Before entering the summer, according to the summer common tank temperature, suddenly flameout and air conditioning and refrigeration problems such as bad check and adjustment.3. Tank surface to clean. car Diagnostic Software Cleaning, don't use the high-pressured water gun flushing. Because, the impact of the strong water tank every cascade all down and prevent wind circulation, lead to water temperature rise.4. The summer driving, sometimes easy to appear suddenly left the. This is mainly caused by the electronic ignition module. With the summer temperature is high, the ignition module thermal breakdown. High voltage ignition coil voltage is reduced, will cause flameout. Therefore, one of the RuXia before, we must check the VAG COM electronic ignition module, if there is a problem should be replaced. Some car must pay attention to the first car with annual model the same ignition module.5. To air conditioning system pressure, refrigeration in check, the heat dissipation grid cleaning. If you want to use air conditioning in the summer work is good, should pay attention to in the winter a month open air conditioning run 10 - twenty minutes to assure air conditioning pump seal is lax and leakage fluorine. Before winter comes, the braking Honest OBD2 Diagnostic Tool system also must carry on the inspection. Such as the discovery of machine have crack, replaced, in case columns of sideslip. In addition, the group 4-50000 km to transmission oil, differential should also change.

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