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  • 1.L itigation Support Specialists


  • 1997 plaintiff in a civil construction claim > 7 month trial
  • 1998 Searchlight founded
  • litigation support services & software
  • matter management & time recording

About Searchlight 3. Corporate Structure Triumph Case Management Searchlight Evidence Solutions ( software development & support ) ( serving law firms & corporations ) ( serving public sector ) 4. Global Reach Vancouver, BC Seattle, WA Toronto, ON London, UK 5. Evidence Management 6. Imaging OCR Coding Electronic Discovery Document Hosting Trial Support Project Management Computer Forensics Searchlight Services Searchlight Software Technically Independent eCase eCourt eFiles 7. Data Sizes 100 Megabytes1CD = 625 MegabytesX 60 2,500 pages 16,000 pages 1 million pages 50 GB hard drive X 10 10 km 1 Terabyte 20 million pages 8. EnCase F orensic Acquire data as evidence with the leading court-validated solution on the market Industry standard Acquire data in a forensically sound manner Investigate & Analyze multiple platforms Find hidden, deleted and cloaked information Easily manage large volumes of evidence Certified technicians 9. Process & Outcome Collect data Set aside system files (NSRL) Extract container files (.pst) Extract attachments Identify file types Extract text Extract metadata Identify duplicates Cull by key words Produce tiff 10. Example #1 West Jet vs. Air Canada Corporate espionage lawsuit

  • 7 terabytes of emails stored on server back-up tapes
  • Processed and reviewed for privilege and relevance in 6 weeks
  • Result > favorable settlement

11. Example #2 Knowledge House Inc. Court Order

  • Examination of contentious e-mails
  • RCMP seized computers and provided EnCase files
  • Process & prepared custodial databases
  • Enabled on-line review of 186,000 emails using Searchlight eCASE by the RCMP and Supreme Court Justice Ted Scanlan

12. Example #3 Lenczner Slaght Corporate civil action

  • Forensic data capture using EnCase 15 PCs & laptops
  • Process and reduce to an approximately 14,000 documents > an iterative process refining search criteria
  • Culled set loaded into Summation for review

13. Recognition 14. Project Management Assign Project Manager Meet Identify Deliverables Prepare Timetable Assign Team Process & QA Report progress-to-date Follow-up 15. Noteworthy Clients 16. The right credentials The right results The right choice


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