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  • 1. In this shot we can see it contains comedic value due to the setting and mixture of mice-en-scene used. It is conventional for a comedy due to the situational humor that has taken place for example this wide shot also shows the graveyard background which suggests a funeral has taken place. The use of mice-en-scene is effective in the scene such as the can prop combined with the setting the color of the can also adds tot eh comedic value. This screen shot is very conventional for the genre as it puts someone in the place of situational humor were a certain character is being depicted as stupid and ridiculous. The lighting in the scene is also very bright which adds to the upbeat mood of the scene, which is also conventional for the genre to create an upbeat mood. Also the fact the character is fairly fat adds to the comedic value as fat people are sometimes at the center of humor and are usually the sidekick and less popular characters. Such as in inbetweeners the character will is not fat but because of his nerdy feature he is considered an outcast of the group and comes under jokes of the other main characters. Also the fact that the character has a large beard, which suggests he is off an older age, also creates a comedic effect. Overall this screen shot highlights the key features of a comedy it includes situational humor and a strong use of mice-en-scene to add to the scene.

2. In this screen shot it is slightly unconventional for the genre because some of the characters are wearing suits. However the wide shot shows the three characters together both looking at the man crying which suggests they are a group which is a common theme in comedies like in inbetweeners and project x all the characters have their own friend group. The center character is using the most conventional mice-en-scene wearing a casual t-shirt with the other characters in suits it suggests they are more grown up. This screen shot also is another example of situational humor as one of the characters is crying and people are laughing at his misfortune. The lighting is slightly lower key, which suggests the sadness of the scene, but because of the characters beard and age it creates the effect of comedy because he is crying. 3. This screen shot shows the characters as being in a very awkward position, which adds to the comedic value of situational humor. The wide shot shows the three characters all on the bottom of the rule of thirds which suggests they are in danger and they are all tied up. The vast background also highlighted in the scene connotes even more danger for the characters, which is funny but also adds a sense of thrill to the scene. This is slightly unconventional for danger to play a key part in a comedy film but in this screen shot we can see that it is being used effectively and the fact they are in danger allows us to laugh at the characters. The car prop also adds to the humor as they are tied down but will not be able to reach the car. This establishing shot and extreme long shot in this scene shows off the stereotypical las vegas setting which is suggested with the comedy genre because it is known for its party lifestyle. You can also see one of the characters hanging from the side of the building holding on to a toilet roll. 4. In this screen shot we can see different elements of danger which create comedic value and are stereotypical for the genre. The use of mice-en-scene if very effective as the character is driving a fast car while holding a bottle of alcohol in the air which is illegal. It is stereotypical for scenes to include crazy actions such as this which make the film more thrilling for the audience. Also the fact there are other cars on the road adds to the danger and his ripped costume connotes recklessness and aggression. The wide shot helps to show all of the features in this scene and is a common shot type throughout comedies as it highlights all of the features and shows togetherness. In this close up shot of a giraffe we can see there are cars behind it which add to the comedic value of the scene as it is unusual to see a giraffe in such a scene. The shot shows the motorway setting adding to the danger and the ridiculous nature of the film is highlighted. 5. This long shot shows one of the characters humping of a click with water from behind him which creates the sense of mayhem and danger. This is stereotypical for a comedy genre to include a sense of danger but crafted in a way to create a sense of comedy. The low angle shot helps to show the characters fear which makes it easy to understand the scene.